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Freshman Orientation Ms. Swedo Eat?. JSerra Library Webpages Main Page: This class: Freshman English Class OPAC: Library.

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1 Freshman Orientation Ms. Swedo Eat?

2 JSerra Library Webpages Main Page: This class: Freshman English Class OPAC: Library Catalog

3 Todays Discussion Research process Sources of information Intellectual Freedom & Intellectual Property What librarians do to help!

4 Research (Truth) Narrow Topic Find Sources Evaluate & Record 4. Rough Draft 5. Final Draft Books Articles Websites Videos Facts say…. Experts say…. I think….. Research 1. 2. 3. Evaluate Success 6.

5 Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Sources Former President Ronald Reagans Evil Empire Speech (1983) vs. A biography about President Reagan vs. An almanac

6 Reference Newspaper Dictionary Thesaurus Atlas Encyclopedias

7 3 Sources of Information 1. OPACs – libraries OLD vs. NEW

8 Whats in an OPAC?

9 Book Addresses aka, Call Numbers

10 Search Options Text box

11 Subject Headings

12 Insides of Books

13 2. Databases


15 Old vs. New


17 Formats

18 Database Log-In Go to Jserra Library webpageJserra Library Go to Research Databases & Videos Username:access Password:jserra1213

19 Databases Link to Rutgers University videovideo

20 3. Google Google Advanced Search Google Scholar

21 Google Search Strategies 1. Keywords 2. quotes 3. - (minus sign) 4. Site operators (.edu,.org,.gov) 5. truncation: *, #, $ (gives you versions of a word example: racis$: racist, racism…. 6. Boolean: and, or, not 7. more: See LinkLink

22 Site limiter

23 Websites & Credibility Currency Authority Biased (or objective) Accuracy Coverage Easy Who Is Martin Luther Personal Webpages: 1 and 212

24 7 Snowbear – the sweet one

25 Yuki, The crazy one

26 Plagiarism

27 Intellectual FreedomIntellectual Freedom: Read, seek information, speak freely Intellectual Property Automatic Immediate

28 Copyright & Fair Use The guidelines also limit the amount of copyrighted multimedia material that can be included in educational projects to A film/DVD: Up to three minutes or 10 percent, whichever is less. up to 10 percent or 1,000 words, whichever is less, of a single copyrighted work of text. an entire poem of less than 250 words or up to 250 words of a longer poem but no more than three poems by one poet or five poems by different poets from a single anthology. A song: Up to 30 seconds or 10 percent of the songs length, whichever is less. up to five photographs or illustrations by one person and no more than 15 images or 10 percent, whichever is less, of the photographs or illustrations from a single published work. up to 2,500 fields or cell entries or 10 percent, whichever is less, from a numerical database or data table.

29 Citing Sources MLA paper Before the revolution of Cambodia, many of the people were peasants, many were Khmer, and many were Buddhist (Kiernan 5). Kiernan, Ben. The Pol Pot Regime. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2008. Print.

30 Citing Sources Kissi says: Genocide is a twentieth-century term describing an ancient crime (236). Kissi, Edward. Genocide. World at Risk: A Global Issues Sourcebook. Ed. Valerie Tomaselli. Washington, D.C.: CQ Press, 2002, 236-249. Print.

31 Librarians

32 Sources Slide 5: LibraryNet (OPAC), Wikipedia (old card catalog) Slide 6: Wikimedia Commons, Robey Memorial Library (OPAC stations) Slide 7: EMS Media Center (F), Avan Halem – Fiverr (NF) Slide 10: Town of Davie, FL, Chromosome 18 Registry Slide 11:, Marionberry Style Slide 12:, Slide 16:, Slide 18: National Institute of Technology Slide 19: Slide 20: The New Yorker (Vol. 69 (LXIX) no. 20), page 61, 5 July 1993. Slide 23: Carmel Clay Schools Slide 24: Slide 24: Batgirl, Jessica Olin; Reference Desk, Cunningham Memorial Library, Indiana State University

33 2 nd half

34 Review Handouts 3 handouts from class: MLA Review Sheet Avoiding Accidental Plagiarism Parenthetical Citations ---------------------------------------------------------------- Print out the Sample MLA 7 th edition paper

35 Banned Books ALAs list of Challenged and/or Banned Books

36 Censorship FOIA Freedom of Speech – 1 st Amendment Rights Student Rights – Rights of Schools

37 Sample citations Book citation Magazine citation Website citation

38 Book – One Author – Title Page

39 Book – One Author Davidson, Arthur. The Incredible State of Absolute Nothingness. New York: StarCatcher, Inc., 2009. Print. Author. Title in Italics. City: Publisher, Year. Print. Parenthetical Citation: (Davidson #).

40 Magazine Citation (print) Kiviat, Barbara. How to Create a Job. Time Magazine. 29 Mar. 2010: 19-27. Print. Parenthetical citation: (Kiviat #).

41 How to Cite Websites 1. Author. (ex.: Smith, John A.) 2. Title of Webpage. (in quotes) 3. Title of Website (ex.: 4. Sponsoring organization, (ex.: Cable News Network,) 5. Date on webpage (if any). If no date, use n.d. 5. Format (Web.) 6. Date you looked at it (ex.: 14 Sept. 2011). URLs? (dont need them)

42 Websites – with Author on Page CNN Article: ColbertColbert

43 Webpage – with Author Silverleib, Alan. Colbert storms Capitol Hill for migrant workers. Cable News Network, 24 Sept. 2010. Web. 25 Sept. 2010. Author. Title of Webpage. Name of Website. Sponsoring Organization of Site, date on webpage. Web. Date you viewed webpage.

44 If No Date on Webpage Silverleib, Alan. Colbert storms Capitol Hill for migrant workers. Cable News Network, n.d. Web. 25 Sept. 2010.

45 Parenthetical Citations According to one source, here is my quote in my paper (Dixon 42). Burnett said, and we quote Burnett (13). CNN reported……………. (author or Title of webpage). Works Cited Author. Or… Title of webpage. etc. …… Burnett, Mark. …………………………….. Dixon, Byron. ………………….

46 URLs for Quiz – Mr. Plaia

47 URLs for quiz – Mrs. Sulick

48 URLs for Quiz - Mrs. Ripullo

49 URLs for Quiz - Mrs. McKeagney

50 Sources

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