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European Exploration & Settlement Chapter 2 Mrs. Brown 1.

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1 European Exploration & Settlement Chapter 2 Mrs. Brown 1

2 Earliest Exploration The Vikings are believed to be the first Europeans to reach the Americas –Vikings from Iceland explored Newfoundland (in Canada) circa 1000 –There were no permanent Viking settlements 2

3 Christopher Columbus Christopher Columbus was just one of many explorers looking to get riches from the Indies –Came up with the idea of sailing WEST, not east –Eastern route was controlled by Portugal 3

4 Columbus Voyages Columbus set sail from Spain with 3 ships in August, 1492 –Reached the island of Hispaniola on October 12, 1492 Columbus assumed that he had reached the Indies 4

5 Columbus Voyages In Hispaniola, Columbus came into contact with the Taino Indians –Taino were friendly and welcoming –Columbus soon forced the Taino to mine for gold –Within 100 years, almost all Taino were dead 5

6 Columbian Exchange Transfer of crops, animals, ideas, and diseases between Europe, Africa, and the Americas 6

7 Spanish Exploration After Columbus, Spain sent conquistadors to America Cortes – conquered the Aztecs in Mexico –Aztecs thought he was a god Pizarro – conquered the Inca in Peru 7

8 Spanish Exploration The first Spanish settlement in the USA was at St. Augustine, FL –Juan Ponce deLeon, 1513 Spanish built presidios throughout the southwestern US –Catholic missionaries attempted to convert the Indians to Catholicism 8

9 French Exploration Seeing Spanish success, the French also set up colonies –Explored the Mississippi River and claimed the territory for France Worked as business partners with the Native Americans, trapping and trading beaver pelts 9

10 English Exploration England also wanted to set up colonies in America First attempt at a colony was at Roanoke –Colony disappeared England didnt try again until

11 English Exploration In 1607, the London Company sent 144 men to Jamestown –Very few of the men had any trade skills Area was a poor place to settle, but alliances and tobacco helped colony survive 11

12 Jamestown Capt. John Smith became the leader of Jamestown in 1608 –If a man would not work; neither should he eat Winter of 1609 – the Starving Time –Indians refused to trade with settlers, and only 60 of 500 settlers survived 12

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