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1 SHOP SAFETY Keeping you and those around you safe.

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2 1 SHOP SAFETY Keeping you and those around you safe

3 2 FIRE SAFETY Places causing a fire hazard: Oily shop towels Gasoline Cleaning solvents Torch Preventions Fire extinguishers Fire blankets Oily rag containers Flammable cabinet

4 3 PERSONAL SAFETY Safety glasses Safety Goggles Face Shield

5 4 PERSONAL SAFETY Proper clothing

6 5 Personal Safety Lifting heavy objects Lifting cars Floor spills

7 6 Use the correct lifting tools

8 7 PERSONAL SAFETY Poisonous gases CO Carbon Monoxide

9 8 Teens death in garage an accident By Michael Puente Daily Herald Staff Writer Posted Wednesday, February 08, 2006 A 14-year-old Rolling Meadows High School freshman was remembered Tuesday, following her unexpected death, as a good friend and student. Ossiris Ibanez was found dead inside a running automobile parked in a garage in Cicero, according to police. Cicero police were called to the home on the 2100 block of South 61st Avenue on Monday afternoon. There, they found Ibanez with 17-year-old Jorge Gomez, who lived at the address and was a student at Morton East High School in Cicero. The two were found unconscious inside of the automobile. The two apparently died from carbon monoxide that built up in the garage, according to police. Police were called to the scene when Gomezs parents reported him missing. The parents later found that the door to the garage was locked and they could not get in. The garage was locked from the inside. They found the two unconscious. They were pronounced dead at the scene by the medical examiner, police spokesman Dan Proft said. The theory is, absent any new evidence, it was accidental due to carbon monoxide. The car was still running. Its a tragic error in judgment. Proft said it doesnt appear that any foul play is involved in the deaths. They were either friends or boyfriend and girlfriend. There was no foul play. It was an accident, Proft said. Both were good kids, as we understand. School officials for Northwest Suburban High School District 214 said Ibanez was a good student at Rolling Meadows High School. From all accounts, she was a very popular young lady, according to her friends, said district spokeswoman Venetia Miles. She was a very nice young girl. Very happy and always willing to help anyone. Because of her popularity, high school officials sought out Ibanezs friends to offer emotional support once the friends learned of her death, Miles said. Funeral arrangements for Ibanez are pending.

10 9 Personal Safety Asbestos Brake Dust Road Dirt Insulation

11 10 Personal Safety Lifting cars Floor Jacks Lifts Alignment rack Floor spills Rags Floor dry

12 11 DRIVING Must possess a valid drivers license. Drive SLOW! Park is designated places only. Guide other drivers in and out of the shop area. Look where you are going

13 12 Vehicle Safety Chock wheels Key on seat Window down Parking brake on Guide cars in and out of shop Use exhaust hoses Disconnect (-) battery terminal

14 13 FIRE Oxygen Spark Fuel Fire Pyramid

15 14 Fire Extinguishers Class A for common wood, paper or fabric fire. (water) Class B for burning fuels. (contains CO2) Class C electrical fires. (contain a powder such as halite)

16 15 Safety Using Floor Jacks Use only from side of car in between the front and rear wheel. Use a jack or axle safety stand if YOU are going under the car.

17 16 Dont over extend your reach

18 17 Use jack stands

19 18 Secure hoods

20 19 Safety Glasses You are required to wear safety glasses while in the lab. Refusal to wear glasses will result in your removal from the class.

21 20 Shop Towels There constantly needed to keep things clean but when they get oily they are a fire hazard. They must be stored in an appropriate container.

22 21 Beware of electricity

23 22 Power Tools

24 23 Hand Tools Broken tools Dull Tools Improperly used tools

25 24 Use Hand Tools Properly Keeps tools clean Use tools for their designed purpose Keep tools away from moving parts Keep tools in proper condition

26 25 Compresses air

27 26 Use Power Tools Properly Check guards and shields Do not use if in question of operation Never adjust while equipment is running Know where dead man switch is located

28 27 Watch while closing the garage door

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