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Automotive Shop Safety

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1 Automotive Shop Safety
Wear eye protection during any operation that could endanger your eyes. Operating power tools Working around running engine Carrying batteries Working overhead (exhaust) etc.

2 Automotive Shop Safety
Oily rags could combust spontaneously, always put them in a designated close metal container. Keep the shop organized. Put all the tools away. Never leave parts, tools, creepers, etc on the floor. Fuel spills – contain in a Container, wipe floor with a a rag; Rag in closed container.

3 Automotive Shop Safety
Dress in an appropriate manner. No loose clothing, jewelry, shorts, open-toed-shoes, etc. Tie up long hair. Must wear coveralls in the shop.

4 Automotive Shop Safety
Never carry any sharp tools or parts in your pockets. Wear full face protection when grinding, welding and performing other operations where sever hazards are present. Avoid working too fast, as you could over look a repair procedure or safety rule. Use right tool for the job. Keep guards or shields in place.

5 Automotive Shop Safety
Lift with your legs not with your back. Use adequate lighting. Ventilate when needed. Turn on the ventilation fans any time fumes are present. Use exhaust hose if a vehicle is running in the shop.

6 Automotive Shop Safety
Never stir up asbestos dust. Asbestos is found on brake and clutch parts. Can cause lung-cancer. Use enclosed vacuum system to remove the dust. Jack up a vehicle slowly and safely. Never go under a vehicle that is not supported by the jack stands.

7 Automotive Shop Safety
Drive slowly in the shop area. Only if you have a minimum “N” drivers license. Before starting the car ALWAYS PUMP the brakes, and make sure brake pedal is hard. Report any unsafe conditions to your instructor. Stay away from engine fans. Electric fans can turn on even if the ignition is off.

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