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AUTOMOTIVE TOOLS Hand tools Measuring tools Cutting tools Power tools

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1 AUTOMOTIVE TOOLS Hand tools Measuring tools Cutting tools Power tools
Lifting equipment Cleaning equipment Specialty tools

2 HAND TOOLS Screwdrivers Pliers Hammers Wrenches Socket wrench sets
Special tools

3 Screwdrivers Phillips Flat Blades Torx
Select screwdriver blade to match the size of the screw head.

4 Pliers Combination Slip joint Side cutters Long nose

5 Pliers

6 Specialty Pliers Battery pliers Hose clamp Grease cup Tin snips
Many other types

7 Hammers 1.Ball peen hammer 2. Engineers hammer 3. Soft faced
4. Rubber mallet 5. Dead blow 6. Brass 7. Leather

8 Hammers

9 Hammers

10 Wrenches Open ends Box end

11 Wrenches

12 Wrenches

13 Other Types of Wrenches
Adjustable end wrench (Crescent wrench) Open end-box

14 More Wrenches Flare nut wrenches Alignment wrench Tubing wrenches
Distributor wrench Alignment wrench Ratcheting box wrench Curved wrench Flare nut wrenches Tubing wrenches Line wrenches

15 Socket Wrenches Socket wrenches come in sets that are classified
by their drive size. Three drive sizes are commonly used in the automotive trade. ¼”, 3/8”, ½” Ie: the size of the square

16 Socket Wrench Drivers Ratchet Speeder Nut driver Breaker bar T-handle

17 Sockets # of points on hex Hex size Drive size Deep & shallow sockets

18 Specialty Sockets Impact sockets Spark plug sockets Universal sockets
O2 sensor socket 4 & 8 point sockets Impact & Standard Socket

19 Socket Wrench Accessories
Extensions Screwdriver ends

20 Specialty Hand Tools Magnet, Pick-up tool, Valve lifter tool, oil
filter wrench, brake Spoon, ring expander, mirror tool. Ring compressor, Pullers: damper, slide bar, pitman arm, wheel and battery terminal.

21 CUTTING TOOLS Hack saws Files Chisels Taps & Dies Drills Grinders
Da Torch

22 Hacksaws Use to saw through metal.
Needs a special blade depending on thickness of metal. Blades come in 18, 24, or 32 teeth per inch.

23 Files Files are used much like a saw. They only cut when you push.
For removing small amounts of metal. Many types with funny names.

24 Chisels Used with a hammer to cut cut through metal.
Tends to be crude but is effective in certain situations.

25 Threading Tools Cut threads Taps cut internal threads.
Dies cut external threads. Used in automotive service to repair threads.

26 Drills 3/8” drill the most common for general automotive work.
Powered both electrically and pneumatically. Drill press available.

27 Oxy-Acetylene Torch Compressed gas type torch using oxygen and acetylene. Flame over 4000 degrees F. Used to cut metal or heat nuts and bolts for easy removal.

28 Grinding Equipment Pedestal Grinder Valve grinding equipment

29 POWER TOOLS Pneumatic tools Hydraulic power tools
Electrically powered tools

30 LIFTING EQUIPMENT Bumper or tire jacks Floor jacks Frame contact hoist
Alignment rack Axle safety stands

31 CLEANING EQUIPMENT Solvent tank using mineral spirits.
Immersion cleaner using very harsh chemicals. Steam cleaner. Sand blaster. Wire brushes & scrapers.

32 Solvent Tank Uses mineral spirits as a solvent. Used on oily and
greasy parts. Use gloves for the solvent is harsh on skin. Don’t put any other fluids in the tank.

33 Immersion Cleaner Very harsh solvent.
Clean carburetor parts, pistons and other parts with burnt and varnish like deposits.

34 MEASURING TOOLS Mechanical measuring tools Fluid measuring tools
Electrical measuring tools






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