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The New Deal FDR to the rescue!. New Deal Legislation Relief Recovery Reform.

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1 The New Deal FDR to the rescue!

2 New Deal Legislation Relief Recovery Reform

3 Relief Policies Unprecedented federal involvement in welfare Helped the forgotten men and their families Did not help all Some were unemployable and states were unwilling or unable to help them relief policies often were only a partial success

4 The FDIC was created in 1933 in response to the thousands of bank failures that occurred in the 1920s and early 1930s. As the FDIC celebrates its 75th anniversary, we present a historical perspective on the rich history of protecting consumers. (FDIC Website) -insure individual accounts up to $5,000 - relief / reform

5 provided work training based on U.S. citizenship and financial need for youth between ages sixteen and twenty-five offering courses in writing, reading, and arithmetic train unemployed, out-of-school youth provide work-study training for high school, college, and graduate students




9 Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Employed 2.5 million young men Men 18 - 25 Facilitate gang reconciliations Spearhead river cleanups Read to Head Starters in underserved communities Fix potholes Weed gardens for the elderly Assist settlement house patrons Provide at-home help for busy working moms




13 accounted for about 3% of the total population Boy Scout" work Formerly unemployed men and women would shovel snow, rake leaves, and clean up National parks through that winter



16 Works Progress Administration (WPA) Most important relief agency $11 billion Short-term, make-work projects to help the unemployed Built 2500 hospitals, 5900 schools, 13,000 playgrounds Funds for theater, arts and writers projects Financial aid to 2 million HS and college students Aid to 2.6 million young people not in school







23 Partial success Pump priming

24 - to administer the construction of various public works such as public buildings, bridges, dams, and housing developments - to make loans to states and municipalities for similar projects - budgeted several billion dollars to be spent on the construction of public works - designed to spend "big bucks on big projects."






30 - 2 year emergency program - adopt a fair code of practices - Wagner Act.... labor can organize collective bargaining strikes -Schector v. U.S. (1935) - NlRA declared unconstitutional in 1935 (WHY?) - power to conduct elections implants - choose which unions could engage in collective bargaining - Board of Arbitration - Critics (i.e. business) "NLRB favors labor

31 - govt. lends $ to homeowners at low interest rates to pay off mortgages - refinanced mortgages of middle-income home owners

32 - improve housing conditions - insure residential loans and financing - help first – time buyers - assist in shoring-up the mortgage market ( aide the financial market)

33 - loans are made available to farmers so they can pay off their loans (extend length of mortgages)

34 - limit farm production - subsidies - derived from taxing other industries (farm processors) - DID IT WORK? (Hint: 1933 Then 1933 – 1937) - Butler v. U.S. - no constitutional right to regulate farm production - any such right belongs to the states

35 Reform Legislation Significant, long-term FDIC SEC Banking Act of 1935 TVA Fair Labor Standards Act Social Security Act

36 -regulate the stock exchange - stock offerings cleared by the SEC

37 - unemployment insurance - old age pensions - disabled, aged, dependent children

38 - responsible for developing a program for generating and distributing electricity in isolated rural areas

39 - improve economic and social conditions for people living in this region - 21 dams produce electricity - dams used for hydroelectric power - created....... - reservoirs for recreation, flood control, prevent soil erosion, creation of jobs


41 Legacy of the New Deal Changed federal governments attitude and responsibility Democratic Party became the majority party Big government


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