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7 dimensions of Hinduism Karma and Samsara Transmigration Moksha.

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1 7 dimensions of Hinduism Karma and Samsara Transmigration Moksha

2 Aryan-Greek/Roman Polytheism Aryan Henotheistic  One of many Gods is raised to highest rank Mother goddess and fertility ideas Law of Karma-reincarnation Brahman-unitary principle of the universe  Atman-inner life or soul Brahmin-Vishnu-Shiva:Trinity have consorts Greek-Roman Polytheism of many gods/goddesses One life Appeasement of Gods/goddesses

3 Principles in the world Karma-action or deeds Dharma- ethical rules of right conduct Samsara-wheel of rebirth Moksha-liberation from this rebirth

4 Society Caste system  Brahmin, kshatriya, vaishya, shudra  Priest, warriors and admin., producers, laborers and servants 4 stages of life  Student, householder, forest dweller, sannyasin 4 goals of life  Kama, sensual pleasure; artha, material success;  Dharma, right conduct; moksha, liberation 3 paths to liberation  Karma marga-works, right conduct  Jnana Marga-knowledge, Vedanta, Sankhya, Yoga  Bhakti Marga-devotion, rituals, pilgrimages, sacred cows

5 3 paths of liberation Karma Marga  Right conduct according to Dharma Jnana Marga  Vedanta, maya-cosmic illusion, monism  Sankhya, matter and many selfs-free from bondage of personality  Yoga, physical and psychological way, 8 steps, get to samadhi-transcendent state Bhakti Marga  Gods and goddesses, pilgrimages, cow veneration

6 Periods of Hindu Historical development Indus Valley Civilization 3-2 BCE  Aryan invasions, incorporated into India A Vedic Age2-1 BCE  Vedas intuited by Brahmin, Sanskrit, oral tradition Agni-fire, life maintaining Soma-plant, life transcending  Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda, and Arthaveda Rigveda, hymnal to all the deities Yajurveda; manual of sacrifices and mantras Samaveda; index to melodies of SOMA sacrifices Athaveda; domestic rituals and religious concerns of popular culture

7 Epic Age Verse Dramas-smriti, traditions  Mahabharata  Ramayana Dharma Sutras, instructions on proper conduct Dharma Shastras, laws of conduct Code of Manu-series of laws  Beginning of Classical Hinduism: codification of beliefs  3 debts: Gods, Ancestors, and …… Puranas-collections of old stories Dharma, samsara, karma, and moksha Shakti-feminine cosmic energy Bhakta-yogin ways, ritual ways of 5 Ms

8 Upanishads Gave all Hindus ability to perform household rituals  World of rituals  Atman-Brahman understanding emerges Samsara-distinction of separation is illusion, continue to transmigration until TRUTH understood-Moksha, release follows. Bhagavad Gita; first of these texts

9 Purusha Cosmic Body of Purusha  God’s self sacrifice brings world into being. Life body of social body  Humanity reflects this in our life Cosmic Body  All are one, and will be reunited as one Monism-all is ultimately one

10 Gods and Goddesses Shiva-god of dance Vishnu-great deity  Avatars-decents of Vishnu Krishna, Rama, Narasimha Devi-goddess  Durga, Kali, Parvati

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