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USING RAZORLINE’S WEB PORTAL. LOGIN Enter the Web Portal URL: Enter your 10-digit phone.

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2 LOGIN Enter the Web Portal URL: Enter your 10-digit phone number into the Phone Number field. Enter your Web Portal password into the Password field. Your password will be assigned to you by Razorline. Click OK.

3 DIRECTORY Personal Directory – Set up by user Corporate Directory – Set up by Razorline

4 PERSONAL DIRECTORY Can add all of your contact numbers and address (if an address is saved in Web portal, you can start an for that contact using Web portal Can import contacts from Outlook Can Click-to-Call contacts

5 CORPORATE DIRECTORY Lists all phone numbers for company phone system Is automatically entered by Razorline Can Click-to-Call users’ voic directly



8 Inbox –Lists voic with number/time received/length –Can listen to your voic (Internet Explorer Browser only w/ Active X controls installed –Can forward to another voic box on system –Can forward to –Can save voic –Can delete voic

9 VOICE MAIL Saved –Can view saved messages –Listening –Forwarding –Deleting Paging –Users can be notified on their cell phone, pager, or , that a voic message awaits them –Phone number entered for notification must be 10 digits

10 VOICE MAIL Distribution Groups –Create a distribution group for voic forwarding Password –Change your voic password Options (Unified Message Setup is Here) –Forwarding your voic messages to your Will require voic player or intervention from Razorline technical support to setup voic to be listened to by standard windows media player


12 Logs: Shows last 100 in/out bound calls – Date & Time/Caller ID/Length of call –Can be added to Call Screening –Can be added to Personal Directory

13 CALL MANAGEMENT: Find me- follow me

14 FIND-ME, FOLLOW-ME After a pre-determined number of rings, if no answer, the system will call up to five other numbers Caller will hear “Please wait while we try to locate your party.” Can call numbers sequentially or simultaneously If you choose not to take the call, the caller is sent back to office voic .

15 CALL MANAGEMENT – Call Treatment

16 CALL TREATMENT Call Treatment –Set up call treatment (Disabled, Find me, Forward to Number, Forward when Busy/No Answer) by clicking the “Function” button –Click the “Advanced” button to set a specific Time of Day at which you desire the call treatment –The “Action” tab will indicate the current call treatment setting


18 VOICE ASSISTANT Launched when using click to call features in Webportal –Phone - listen to voic , turn on/off DND, pickup ringing call, forward to… –Call - Make a new call –Options – Call later list, forward list, update speed dial button –Help

19 WebPortal Help Click the Help Icon for an Online Help System Logout Click the Logout Icon to log out of Web Portal


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