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Plant Structure & Function

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1 Plant Structure & Function

2 Main Plant Tissues Dermal Tissue - covers the outside of the plant & protects it Ground Tissue - inside the dermal tissue; provides support, stores materials & is the site of photosynthesis Vascular Tissue - transports water & nutrients throughout the plant Xylem transports water Phloem transports food

3 Roots Roots anchor plants & absorb mineral nutrients from the soil

4 Root Parts 1. Root cap covers the tip &
protects the growing part of the root root cap

5 . 2. Apical meristem is where growth occurs. Apical meristem

6 3. Vascular cylinder is in the center of the root & contains xylem and phloem

7 . 4. Root hairs increase surface area to absorb water & nutrients.


9 Stems Stems support plants, transport materials & provide storage

10 Primary Growth Occurs in apical meristem Lengthens roots & stems

11 Secondary Growth Occurs in lateral meristems
Adds to the width of roots and stems

12 Leaves Leaves collect sunlight for photosynthesis
The top of a leaf contains most of the chloroplasts & is where most photosynthesis takes place

13 Leaves Gases are exchanged through openings called stomata, which are opened & closed by surrounding cells called guard cells


15 Flowers Flowers contain sepals and petals, which are often brightly colored to attract animal pollinators sepal

16 A stamen is the male structure of the flower.
filament anther anther produces pollen grains filament supports the anther

17 The innermost layer of a flower is the female pistil.
style stigma ovary stigma is sticky tip style is tube leading from stigma to ovary ovary produces egg cells

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