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EditHelp! Louise Webster editHelp! service © ETSI 2010. All rights reserved ETSI seminar.

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1 editHelp! Louise Webster editHelp! service © ETSI All rights reserved ETSI seminar

2 SEM What is editHelp! ? editHelp! is part of the Editing Document Management team (EDM) in the ETSI Standards Projects (ESP). We are currently 9 in the EDM team, therefore you may receive s from editHelp! but with different editors names. We provide a service which is both efficient and extensive to the ETSI Technical Bodies who require prompt editing and document management support thus ensuring the production of high quality specifications.

3 SEM13-03 Footer text (edit in View : Header and Footer) 3 What do we do? provide editing assistance by phone, and on-line via the editHelp! website; registration of deliverables; processing of deliverables to ensure they comply with the ETSI Drafting Rules (EDRs); maintain and assure a correct update of the ETSI Work Program; withdrawal of conflicting deliverables; and organise specific trainings for rapporteurs and experts.

4 SEM Where to find editHelp! – on the ETSI Portal

5 SEM and also via the ETSI website

6 SEM and also via « Our services »


8 SEM13-03 What is the first thing to do? The editHelp! website is designed to help you by providing all the information you need to draft a document in a clear and intuitive format. In the section « How to start » you will find the background knowledge you need before you start drafting. The ETSI Drafting Rules are available in a free-standing, user-friendly format which also has a powerful search engine. Available under « Tutorials » are various guides in a compact step by step format to help you when drafting your document. Make more efficient use of your time by using these guides as an easy reference when writing your document(s)

9 SEM13-03 Tutorials

10 SEM ETSI Drafting Rules Navigator One of our e-users guide

11 SEM13-03 After having « read » the ETSI Drafting Rules or at least the user guide (experts or rapporteurs one), you are ready to start work on an ETSI deliverable. If you are working on a new deliverable (called a Draft): you can find the ETSI skeleton documents on the editHelp! website, in the « Standards development » section; or maybe you have received it from editHelp! with the rapporteurs pack Drafting

12 SEM13-03 If you are working on a revision: you can download the latest version publicly available from the Publications Download Area (PDA), via the ETSI Portal; or editHelp! has already sent you the latest published version by mail

13 SEM13-03 ETSI Drafting Tools Once this is done, the next step is to download the ETSI template from the section « Standards development ». You need to attach this template to each ETSI deliverable otherwise we will not be able to use the ETSI styles. You can also download the ETSI toolbar to facilitate the drafting in word (this is optional)

14 SEM13-03 ETSI drafting tools

15 SEM13-03 What does editHelp! do during the pre-processing of your document? 1.We check the title, keywords, version number, text blocks, etc. 2.Check and apply the ETSI styles if necessary. 3.Check the titles of references, their availability and also whether or not they are mentioned in the document. 4.The definitions, symbols and abbreviations. 5.The clause, table and figure numbering. 6.Spell check. 7.And many other things. We have some macros which help us, for example, for the references, it automatically adds the bookmarks

16 SEM13-03 Help tools 16 TErms and Definitions Database Interactive (TEDDI) You can search for terms and/or abbreviations in TEDDI where they are listed along with their related definitions. A link is also provided for free download of each of the deliverables where these terms have been used

17 SEM13-03 You will find a Use of English guide in the « Help you in your work » section. A document called Making Better Standards is also available on the editHelp! website to provide an easy-to-use guide to anyone involved in writing (or reading) communications standards to ensure the highest possible quality from their efforts Other tools

18 SEM13-03 How to contact us ! Web: Phone: In ETSI:Einstein building, ground floor

19 SEM13-03 Thank you very much for your attention ! Do you have any questions?

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