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SEM02-10 The ETSI Secretariat ETSI Seminar © ETSI 2010. All rights reserved.

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1 SEM02-10 The ETSI Secretariat ETSI Seminar © ETSI 2010. All rights reserved

2 SEM02-10 The ETSI Secretariat's Mission To serve ETSI Members and help them maximize the return on their standardization investments, by anticipating their needs and responding rapidly and efficiently to their requests. ETSI Business Plan 2006 2

3 SEM02-10 ETSI Secretariat Organisational Structure 3 Walter Weigel Director-General Director General Function [DGF] Business Administration Centre [BAC] Control, Finance, Travel [CFT] STF Support [STF] Information Technology Centre [ITC] Analysis & Systems Operation [ASO] New Initiatives & Market Development [NIM] Communication, Conferences & Membership Care [CCM] Strategy & New Initiatives [SNI] Partnerships & European Affairs [PAR] Standards Enabling Services [SES] Sales & Services [SAS] Document Support Office [DSO} Centre for Testing & Interoperability [CTI] ETSI Standardization Projects [ESP] Technical Body Support [TBS] Editing & Document Management [EDM] International Partnership Projects [IPP] Mobile IPP [MCC] Other IPP [OIP] Legal Affairs [LA] Governance Support [GS] Human Resources [HR] Function Unit Competence Centre 2010-05-01

4 SEM02-10 The ETSI web site Overview information about ETSI 4

5 SEM02-10 The ETSI Portal the interface for accessing information on the technical activities for each ETSI TB the Portal can either be accessed: anonymously: all public information can be consulted; or with username & password you can then create your own workspace new Portal under development 5

6 SEM02-10 6 ETSI Applications - Access Account Request On-line account request for a username & password Change Password Change Password On-Line password change Access Rights Maintenance Access Rights Maintenance Access Rights Maintenance for Technical Organization Account Sponsorship Account Sponsorship On-Line account creation

7 SEM02-10 7 ETSI Applications - Work programme The Portal Detailed information about ETSIs work ETSI Work Programme ETSI Work Programme Query the ETSI Work Programme Standstill Consultation Standstill Consultation Check Standstill status Publications Download Publications Download Catalogue search & download

8 SEM02-10 8 ETSI Applications - Work programme Transposition & Withdrawal Transposition & Withdrawal Find the national equivalent of EN… E-Approval National Votes, Public Enquiries, etc Vote on ETSI Standards & ETSI Guides Decision Support Decision Support TB voting application

9 SEM02-10 9 ETSI Membership Information ETSI Membership Information ETSI Full Members, Associate Members, Observers & Counsellors Contact Information Contact Information View and modify personal and company details Calendar of Meetings Calendar of Meetings Search Register View participants Reserve document number View room allocation Meeting Management Meeting Management (TB Officials) Create & modify meetings, request rooms ETSI Applications – Contacts & meetings

10 SEM02-10 10 TB Membership/ exploder lists TB Membership/ exploder lists Subscribe and unsubscribe to one or more exploder lists 3GPP meeting registration 3GPP meeting registration On-line registration for 3GPP meetings ETSI Applications – Contacts & meetings

11 SEM02-10 11 IPR Intellectual Property Rights declarations LISTSERV LISTSERV user guide LISTSERV Management LISTSERV Management LISTSERV Management Interface Webstore Purchase ETSI's documentation ETSI Applications - Miscellaneous

12 SEM02-10 Extending ETSI Secretariat services on a commercial basis Test methodology and development Methodologies consulting, design and development Validation planning Test suites design and development Interoperability initiatives Interoperability events Providing facilities for manufacturers to test the ability of their designs and products to interoperate with those of competitors 12

13 SEM02-10 established by the members of ETSI to provide effective support services to any forum with activities in areas of interest to that same membership services include: Membership management Financial management Meeting and event management Wireless LAN support for meetings Document management Secretariat support to working groups Executive support to Boards and General Assemblies IPR administration Work programme management Web site hosting and maintenance Hosting and management of mailing lists 13

14 SEM02-10 14

15 SEM02-10 Helpdesk 15 For general enquiries about ETSI activities, deliverables & IT questions Tel: +33 (0)4 92 94 49 00 Internet: Address: ETSI helpdesk, 06921 Sophia Antipolis Cedex, France www:

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