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Teddy Roosevelt and Howard Taft AP US History Spring 2009.

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1 Teddy Roosevelt and Howard Taft AP US History Spring 2009

2 TR’s Introduction Long record of public service + war hero =
McKinley picks TR as his running mate for his 2nd term in office Assassination makes TR president

3 TR and the “Bully Pulpit”
Command attention Persuasion Lead Congress

4 TR and the Trusts: Regulation to Avert Socialism
Sherman Anti-Trust Law (1890) : 4227 Companies combined to form 257 corporations US Steel = Carnegie + 8 major competitors (2/3 of the market) TR’s Position: “Good Trusts v. Bad Trusts”

5 TR’s “Good Trusts v. Bad Trusts”

6 TR as “Trust Buster” US v. Northern Securities (1904):
precedent setting; first successful prosecution of big business under Sherman Act led to other actions taken against Std Oil and the ATC Strengthened the ICC through the Elkins and Hepburn Acts (1903 and 1906) Intervened in Coal Strike of 1902: also a precedent

7 TR’s Square Deal for Consumers
“Square Deal” was campaign slogan for 1904 Meat Inspection Act (1906) Pure Food and Drug Act (1906)

8 1904 Presidential Election Results

9 TR’s and Conservation: His most important Domestic Legacy?
TR an Avid sportsman and naturalist Natural Environment not Inexhaustible TR sets aside 150 million acres Convened Governor’s Conference on conservation in 1908

10 TR’s Conservation Record
51 Federal Bird Reservations 4 National Game Preserves 5 National Parks 18 National Monuments 24 Reclaimation Projects 7 Conservation Conferences and Commissions

11 Panama Canal "No single great material work which remains to be undertaken on this continent, is as of such consequence to the American people." --Roosevelt

12 Panama Canal US Motives? Travel and Trade
1902, US bought rights to land from French for $40 million Columbia and US fight for Panama, US gets it and Panama is declared an independent country in 1903 As usual, the US took on a “parent role” over Panama and construction for the canal begun Opened in 1914

13 Election of 1908 Roosevelt pledged not to seek a 3rd term,
“My Policies” wanted successor to continue Chose Sec. of War, William Howard Taft Dems choose Bryan (again!) Socialist party nominates Eugene V. Debs

14 Election of 1908 Bryan Taft Debs in 1918

15 Election of 1908 Campaign was dull—
Taft’s strategy was to associate himself w/ Roosevelt Bryan’s strategy: “TR stole my policies!” Deb’s strategy: “Workers unite!” Results: Taft, 321 EV ( ); Bryan, 162 EV ( ); Debs (420793)

16 1908 Presidential Election Results

17 Roosevelt’s Legacy? Curbed Capitalism enough
Created the “Modern Presidency” Opened America’s Eyes to the World

18 Taft in Office: The Man Real desire was NOT President, but as a Supreme Court Justice More conservative than Progressive Poor judge of public opinion Chronic victim of “foot in the mouth disease”

19 Taft’s New Tub (after he got stuck)
Taft’s New Tub (after he got stuck). For reference, look at the little boy in background as a reference to scale.

20 Taft’s Policies and Problems
The Tariff Republican Platform called for “revision,” Taft came out for reducing the tariff Calls special session of Congress (3/09) Taft Signs it, then went on tour to defend it

21 Taft’s Policies and Problems
Conservation Woes Secretary of the Interior Ballinger v. Gifford Pinchot Taft backs Ballinger, against public opinion

22 Pinchot v. Ballinger

23 Taft’s Policies and Problems
Liberal Republicans Rebel Successful effort with Democrats to break Speaker Joseph Cannon in the House Elkins Act (1910) passed, strengthens the ICC TR returns from Africa– what?!? Congressional Elections: 228 (D) to 161 (R)- House 51 (D) to 41 (D)- Senate

24 TR in Africa

25 Election of 1912 Republican Party Splits! Roosevelt mad at Taft
Taft fights back! Taft wins nomination at the national convention

26 Election of 1912 Democrats choose Woodrow Wilson
President of Princeton University Has a PHd Former Governor of NJ Won the Convention with Bryan’s support

27 Election of 1912 Roosevelt Loses Rep. nomination to Taft
TR “steals” the Progressive (Bull Moose) Party nomination and splits the Republican vote!

28 1912 Election Results

29 Wilson: 435 (6,293, 454) Roosevelt: 88 (4,119, 538)
Election of 1912 Wilson: 435 (6,293, 454) Roosevelt: 88 (4,119, 538) Taft: 8 (3,484, 980) Debs: 0 (900, 672)

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