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Progressives in the White House

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1 Progressives in the White House
Chapter 22, Section 3 p

2 TEDDY ROOSEVELT T. Roosevelt becomes prez after McKinley is assassinated on Youngest person to become U.S. prez (42) Republican Long history of public service (NY leg-Asst. Secretary of the Navy)

3 TR as president Reputation for being a Trustbuster
Broke up several trusts: Northern Securities Co., Standard Oil Co., American Tobacco Co Supported labor-1902 PA mine strike-ordered mine owners to negotiate with workers

4 Square Deal-everyone should have the same opportunity to succeed
1906 ICC gets power to set railroad rates 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act-required food and drug makers to list ingredients on packages Conservationist-194k acres of land set aside for national parks

5 Roosevelt to Taft TR endorses William H. Taft for prez in 1908
Taft wins election

6 Taft Administration Broke up more trusts than TR (+)
Approved new safety measures in mines (+) 8 hour workday for govt workers (+) Child labor issues addressed (+) Raised tariffs (-) Fired Forest Service official (-)

7 1912 Election Taft-Republican TR-Bull Moose Woodrow Wilson-Democrat
Wilson wins b/c Republican party is split

8 Wilson Administration
New Freedom-breaking trusts into smaller companies to promote competition Lowered 1909 tariff Passed graduated income tax 1913 Federal Reserve Act-set up system of federal banks…govt has power to lower and increase interest rates

9 Federal Trade Commission (FTC)-estb 1914-power to investigate company practices
Clayton Antitrust Act-1914…stronger than SATA Most reforms end in 1914…why???

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