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Diversity of Chordates

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1 Diversity of Chordates

2 Fish 3 classes Breathing: gills or gill slits 2 chambered heart
Agnatha: jawless fishes Lamprey, Hagfish Chondricthyes: Cartilaginous fishes Sharks, skates, rays Ostichthyes: Bony fishes All other fishes Breathing: gills or gill slits 2 chambered heart Sexual Reproduction Most external fertilization Scales

3 Amphibians Smooth moist skin Mucous glands Metamorphosis Ectothermic
sometimes associated with poison glands Metamorphosis Ectothermic Sexual reproduction Variety of respiratory modes Lungs, gills, skin

4 Reptiles Adaptations for life on dry land Scales
Legs positioned right underneath body Can support body weight better 3 chambered heart Crocs have 4 chambers Ectotherms Sexual reproduction Internal fertilization Amniotic egg

5 Birds Adaptations for flight: Endothermic 4 chambered heart
Feathers Wings Hollow bones Endothermic 4 chambered heart Sexual reproduction internal fertilization Amniotic egg with hard shell

6 Mammals Hair Endothermic Provide milk for their young
4 chambered heart Different types of teeth Modified limbs

7 Mammals Placental Mammals
Offspring are carried inside the mother until development is almost complete Nourishment and oxygen provided via placenta

8 Mammals Marsupials Short period of development inside mom
Second period of development in a pouch made of hair and skin

9 Mammals Montremes Egg laying mammals Have hair and mammary glands
Only found in Austrailia, New Guinea, and Tazmania Echidnas and Platypuses

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