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Domain Bacteria: Eubacteria Domain Archea: Archaebacteria

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1 Domain Bacteria: Eubacteria Domain Archea: Archaebacteria

2 Archaebacteria and Eubacteria Previously called Monera
Prokaryotes No Nucleus, No membrane bound organelles

3 6 Major Kingdoms: Protista Fungi Planta Animalia prokaryotes
Unicell, and multicelled Mostly Multicellular, heterotrophs Muticelled, autotrophs Muticelled heterotrophs Archaebacteria Eubacteria Domain Eukaryote Protista Fungi Planta Animalia

4 Bacteria Kingdom Characteristics:
Archaebacteria Extremists Saline (salt) habitats Hot sulfur springs Eubacteria Heterotrophs Parasites Saprobes Nitrogen fixation Photosynthetic autotrophs

5 Penicillin Mold (Fungus)

6 Penicillin Mold Kills Bacteria
First “Antibiotic” Alexander Fleming discovered in 1928 Penicillin inhibits the growth of bacteria

7 Macrophage (white blood cell) engulfs a bacterium in the immune system

8 Bacteria Structure:

9 Classified by Shape, Size, Staining, Environment, & Color

10 Streptococcus Bacteria

11 Below: Cynobacteria and Salmonella
Autotroph Bacteria Flagellated Bacteria

12 Spiral or Spirilli Bacteria Example: Syphilis-STD

13 Bacilli Bacteria Tuberculosis

14 Tuberculosis: Bacterial Infection

15 Bacterial Reproduction:
Genetic Recombination (Sexual) Conjugation Exchange of DNA Variety Asexual Binary fission No Variety

16 Aerobic Bacteria require oxygen & can make cavities!

17 Helpful in the intestines Harmful in other parts of the body
Anaerobic Bacteria live without oxygen, in our intestines & may be in polluted waters E. Coli from human feces Helpful in the intestines Harmful in other parts of the body

18 Endospores Thick Walled structures which keep bacteria in a Dormant state No reproduction during this time Metabolic activity is shut down Protects bacteria against hostile environments “Come back to life” with favorable conditions

19 Bacteria can be Helpful and Harmful
Nitrogen fixation Decomposition Used to make Food Harmful Bacteria Cause Diseases

20 Making Cheese with Bacteria

21 ?Life on Mars?

22 NASA/Science Source/Photo Researchers, Inc.
This meteorite was probably blasted off of the surface of the planet Mars about 16 million years ago by an impact with an asteroid and travelled through space to the earth, where it landed on Antarctica about 13,000 years ago. Some scientists believe that the rod-shaped structures across the top and center of this image may be tiny fossilized bacteria. Many other scientists believe that the structures were formed by processes other than life. NASA/Science Source/Photo Researchers, Inc. "Martian Meteorite ALH84001," Microsoft® Encarta® Encyclopedia © Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

23 Bacteria Cultures: Inoculate = to place
Agar = culture medium (nutrients) One colony (circle)= billions of bacteria A colony begins from one bacterium Incubate at 37oC= body temperature

24 Genetic Engineering of Insulin

25 The End

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