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Fig Tree (Values & Hues)

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1 Fig Tree (Values & Hues)
Paul Klee Fig Tree (Values & Hues)

2 Southern Garden Klee’s paintings were often abstract compositions of color, whose subject could only be identified as representational by the inclusion of small, scattered, child-like images, such as the plants found here in Southern Garden.

3 Southern Garden

4 Dream City Klee was initially a surrealist, part of a group of artists that were influenced by dreams. As he developed as an artist, his artworks became more abstract.

5 Color was extremely important to Klee when painting
Color was extremely important to Klee when painting. His works often showed a vast array of tints and shades (lights and darks of a color).

6 Ancient Sound One of the most recognizable features of Klee’s artworks was the almost gridlike way in which he broke up his pictures. Sometimes recognizable images were important; other times, it was the colors themselves which were his only concern (such as here).

7 Sinbad the Sailor

8 Cliff Landscape with Palm Trees

9 Partially Destroyed Palace

10 Two Camels and a Donkey Der Vollmond

11 Highways and Byways

12 Way to the Citadel

13 Red and White Domes

14 Wallflower

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