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1 Value

2 What is it? Value is another one of the 7 elements of art
It is defined as: the lightness or darkness of an object or shape Everything has value, different tints and shades. Some are easier to see then others.

3 What does it do? The primary function of value is to make objects look real and 3 dimensional.


5 Important Vocabulary Tint: Highlights, light versions of a color.
Shade: Darker areas, used for shadows. Mid-tone: Everything in between tints and shades . Contrast: this is created when opposites (white and black) are placed close to each other. Chiaroscuro: Italian term that literally means “Light dark”. A style of artwork where contrast is emphasized.

6 Value Scale A value scale is a measurement that moves gradually from black to grey to white Tints (highlights) Shades (shadows) Mid-tones

7 Other Information Value is also used in colors. There are darker and lighter versions of colors. What would you call a tint of red? What would you call a shade of blue?







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