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Fulton County Schools FY10 Budget March 19,2009 Board Work Session.

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1 Fulton County Schools FY10 Budget March 19,2009 Board Work Session

2 Summary of FY10 Budget Process Superintendent and central staff met with principals to review proposed budget cuts Principals worked with superintendent at administrative staff meetings to prioritize potential budget cuts Superintendent met with Teacher Advisory Council, Superintendents Community Council, Superintendents Parent Council, to share process and gather input Board adopted class size changes for FY10 planning purposes Superintendent communicated initial budget changes in communications to all staff

3 Responses from stakeholders: Thank you so much for your continued updates. It makes all of us feel more comfortable knowing that you have not made these decisions without carefully considering all options. Middle School Teacher

4 Responses from stakeholders: I am one of the part-time individuals the system is having to let go….I understand why the system had to make the decision it made and I am simply grateful for having the opportunity to have served the children in my school. Elementary School Parent Liaison

5 Budget Calendar Updates March 19, 2009 4:30 – Dunwoody Springs Red Book Presentation April 14, 2009 1:30 – Admin. Center Q&A – Red Book Blue Book (General Fund) Presentation April 23, 2009 3:30- Dunwoody Springs Q&A Blue Book Public Hearing #1 on Budget : 4:30 p.m. Salary Hearing #1:6:00 p.m.

6 Budget Calendar Updates May 12, 2009 2:00 p.m. Admin. Center Work session on Budget ( if needed) 4:30 p.m. : Salary Hearing #2 6:00 p.m. : Public Budge Hearing #2 May 21, 2009: ( Dunwoody Springs) Work session on Budget if needed FY2010 Tentative Budget Adoption June 9, 2009 (Administrative Center) –Final Budget Adoption and Tentative Adoption of Millage Rate

7 Budget Calendar Updates June : Dates and times public hearings and final adoption of millage rate is to be determined.

8 Initiatives Continuing Improve science instruction Improve math instruction Integration of technology into instruction Value-added performance systems Implement cross-functional action team (XFAT) recommendations Improve textbook processing Implement cost-savings in insurance coverage Pilot open enrollment at high schools Leadership Academy - Promising Principals Program and ALPHA Advisory councils for principals, teachers, parents and community Fulton Institute of Technology SAP implementation

9 Initiatives for 2010 Enterprise information management and portal strategy Enhanced student information system Parents as Leaders program Advisory council for students Recommendations of virtual learning XFAT

10 Presentation of Red Book Red Book contains budgets for: Special Revenue Funds : These funds are primarily federal grants, but some state and miscellaneous grants are also included here. Debt Service: This fund budgets and accounts for the annual debt service (principal and interest) payments required on outstanding long-term debt for the district. School Nutrition: Cafeteria Operations

11 Red Book – Debt Service Total Outstanding Debt as of 6/30/2009: $164,890,000 - Principal Debt Service Payments for FY2010: Principal: $15,130,000 Interest: 9,442,269 Total: $24,572,269

12 Debt Service- FY2009-2010 FY2009FY2010 Property Tax$31,737,841$10,195,328 Sales Tax 18,051,177$18,354,089 Interest 302,912 205,000 Total Revenue$50,091,930$28,754,417 Millage Rate 1.099.349 Assumes reduction in DS and Increase to M&O millage of.750

13 Debt Service- FY2009-2010 Expenditures FY2009FY2010 Interest$10,255,738$9,442,269 Principal13,865,00015,130,000 Fiscal Agent6,000 Total Expenditure $24,126,738$24,578,269 Transfer to Escrow $18,000,000 $20,000,000

14 Debt Service- FY2009-2010 Fund Balance FY2009FY2010 Beginning Balance $16,862,178$24,827,370 Revenues 50,091,930$28,754,417 Expenditures 24,126,738$24,578,269 Ending Balance before transfer $42,827,370$29,003,519 Transfer to escrow $18,000,000$20,000,000 Ending Balance after transfer $24,827,370$9,003,519

15 Early Debt Retirement Additional millage dedicated to early debt retirement began in FY2008 Amount accumulated from that millage: Approximately: $38,000,000 Transfer to defeasance scheduled for 09: $18,000,000 Transfer of balance in FY10: $20,000,000 Future transfers dependent on millage rate amount available for debt defeasance

16 Special Revenue Grants Title I* – Title V$21.8 m39.9% Title VI$16.9 m31.0% State Spec. Ed$1.8 m3.3% Career Tech$2 m3.6% Charter Schools$1 m1.8% Pre-K$9.1 m16.7% Other$2.0 m3.7% Total$54.6 m100% Grant AmountPercentage *FY10 Title I Schools Served – 47 schools (35 ES, 12 MS) 9 private and 7 neglected institutions, added five additional new schools plus one grade level – West Stubbs ES, Ison Road ES, River Eves ES, Hillside ES, Holcomb Bridge MS and 160 – 9 th graders at Hapeville Charter

17 Special Revenue Grants

18 Special Revenue Grants (cont)

19 Grant Revenue Summary Where does the money come from? See details of each revenue source in grants labeled A thru E 3.4

20 Final Federal Allocations Confirmation of federal grant funds will not be available until late summer Federal Stimulus Funds will be targeted for Title I and Title VIB All indications are that current supplement and not supplant requirements will remain in place with these funds Funds will flow for FY2010 and FY2011

21 FY 2010 Tentative Budget School Nutrition Program Fund March 19, 2009 Board Work Session

22 School Nutrition Program I.Introduction II.Wellness Program Highlights a. System-wide b. Centennial High School c. Creekside/Westlake Clusters III.Summary of Current Operation a. Trends in Revenue versus Expenditures b. Metro Lunch Price Comparison c. Analysis of Paid Meal Revenue GAP d. Program Cost Increases e. General Fund Relief IV.Recommendations for FY10 a. Closing the GAP b. No Cost to Students Breakfast c. Meal Price Proposal V.Summary of Forecasted Revenues and Projected Expenditures a. Option A b. Option B

23 I. Introduction Following the System's "See, Plan, Do, Check" process, the School Nutrition Service Fund organizes its activities, goals, and planning priorities so that they are integrated in fulfilling the overall mission of Fulton County Schools, "Where Students Come First." The School Nutrition Program is committed to providing nutritious breakfasts and lunches to Fulton County Students. Furthermore, the program strives to ensure that each local school nutrition program actively seeks the participation of students, parents, teachers, and other stakeholders. Serving approximately 13 million meals annually, the School Nutrition Program is a big business that supports classroom instruction.

24 II. Wellness Program Highlights System-wide Centennial High School Program Creekside/Westlake Clusters

25 System-wide Regulatory Compliance School Meals Initiative for Healthy Children Wellness Policy Wellness Initiatives Implemented Menus no more than 30% fat, no more than 10% saturated Met nutrient and calorie standards per grade level Increased the number of offerings of fresh fruits and vegetables Increased fiber in the menus by adding whole grain menu items Decreased sodium and cholesterol in the menus Serve only lowfat, 1%, or fat free milk All fats used in the program are trans fat free oils Decreased the number of times desserts are offered to 1X per week in elementary and 2Xs per week in secondary schools Communication – School Nutrition website and monthly newsletter Results Each local school has a Wellness Committee Wellness/Nutrition education were completed by schools Schools completed the Wellness Evaluation Checklist All schools monthly menus posted on website

26 Centennial High School Program – August 2007 Highlights Integrated approach including parents, administrators, students, staff and school nutrition Implemented a Wellness Program for students and staff Surveyed students and staff Established a wellness steering committee Grand-Opening Event Menus revised Extensive nutrition and marketing plan developed Signage Installed Results Year I – Participation increased 3% Year II – Participation increased an additional 3% for a total of 6%

27 Creekside/Westlake Clusters Alliance for a Healthier Generation – August 2008 Highlights Innovative to encourage more healthy food options and increase physical activity Collaboration with school, community, parents, students, and school system departments School Nutrition Criteria Meets School Meals for Healthy Children Criteria Serves only milk that is 1% fat or less Half of all grains served at breakfast and lunch are whole grains Serves 100% fruit juice and at least an additional serving of fruit daily at breakfast Results 60% of schools participation has increased Applied for Bronze/Silver recognition awards Program participation of 100% of schools in clusters

28 III. Summary of Current Operation Trends in Revenue versus Expenditures Metro Lunch Price Comparison Analysis of Paid Meal Revenue GAP Program Cost Increases General Fund Relief

29 Trends in Revenue versus Expenditures Paid meal price includes Federal Reimbursement.

30 Metro Lunch Price Comparison

31 Analysis of Paid Meal Revenue GAP *Projected year end

32 Program Cost Increase since 2003

33 General Fund Relief FY10 Total amount = $1,682,624

34 IV. Recommendations for FY2010 Closing the GAP No Cost to Students Breakfast Meal Price Proposal

35 Closing the GAP

36 No Cost to Student Breakfast – Current Schools Greater than 65% Free and Reduced

37 Meal Price Proposal SY03-SY09Proposed-FY2010Change Elementary – Lunch$1.35$2.00$.65 Middle/High – Lunch$1.60$2.25$.65 Adult – Lunch$2.40$3.05$.65 Elementary – Breakfast$.80$1.00$.20 Middle/High – Breakfast$.95$1.15$.20 Adult – Breakfast$1.30$1.50$.20

38 V. Summary of Forecasted Revenues and Projected Expenditures Option A Option B

39 Summary of Forecasted Revenue and Expenditures-Option A

40 Summary of Forecasted Revenue and Expenditures-Option B Recommendation: Use Option B

41 NEXT STEPS Please submit questions on Red Book to Dr. Loe by March 25. Answers to all questions will be summarized and presented at budget work session on April 14 at 1:30. Thank you!

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