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Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Five Year Arts Education Plan Presentation to the Board of Education June 24, 2008.

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1 Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Five Year Arts Education Plan Presentation to the Board of Education June 24, 2008

2 Background committee comprised of teachers, administrators, parents, and community arts representatives developed a VAPA five year arts education plan Committee developed an arts education resolution to promote K-12 arts education The plan included four focus areas and eight goals Board approved both resolution and plan

3 VAPA 5-year arts education plan Focus Area #1: Teaching and Learning Goal #1: Ensure equitable access to VAPA education for all students in all schools everyday Goal #2: Develop and implement a comprehensive K-12 standards-based VAPA curriculum that is cohesive and inclusive Goal #3: Ensure highly qualified VAPA professionals who are passionate about teaching and the arts

4 VAPA-5-year arts education plan Focus Area #2: Communication for Motivating Change-Advocacy Goal #4: Provide ongoing communication about the power of arts learning

5 VAPA 5-year arts education plan Focus Area #3: Resources Goal #5: Support and develop VAPA programming through community/school partnerships Goal #6: Ensure that all schools have adequate supplies/equipment and dedicated, exemplary facilities designed to support VAPA programs Goal #7: Fund a sustainable and equitable VAPA budget within AUSD

6 VAPA 5-year arts education plan Focus Area #4: Policy Goal #8: Ensure qualified leadership that advocates for the needs of the VAPA program

7 Prioritized Action Steps Hire visual arts teachers for elementary schools Focus on grades 4 & 5 Board approved job description Art & Music Block Grant: $100,000 for salaries + $20,000 for one time instructional materials Action: postponed due to unknowns in the budget; may revise approach to visual arts instruction

8 Prioritized Action Steps Institutionalize cross grade level and department teacher articulation to develop coherent standards-based course pathways Art & Music Block Grant: $5,000 Action: teachers participated in two articulation meetings after school; ongoing regular articulation meetings

9 Prioritized Action Steps Institutionalize an annual Day of the Arts to showcase student culminating accomplishments Art and Music Block Grant: $6,000 Action: March 1, st Annual Day of the Arts and annually thereafter

10 Prioritized Action Steps Provide standards-based content area arts integration to support student achievement Art and Music Block Grant: $5,000 Action: Half day staff development on August 27, 2008 – Differentiating Instruction Through Arts Integration

11 Art & Music Block Grant: $157k per year ongoing for prioritized arts plan implementation 2-Grades 4/5 visual arts teachers-delayed VAPA teacher extra duty stipends Carryover 2 teacher articulation meetings/year Day of the Arts-March 1 st VAPA coach/coordination and committee meetings August Staff Development Day Instructional materials for grades 4/5

12 Impact on the Governors Budget to the Art & Music Block Grant Spending reduction-Grades 1-3 Music Measure H will be used to fund positions for 4 years If Measure H does not pass, PTA fundraising efforts will fund positions for 1 year If there is not enough PTA funds, use the block grant to fill in the shortage for one year

13 Art & Music Block Grant: carryover for FTE Music positions-1 year only (if needed) Instructional materials for new 4/5 visual arts teachers Day of the Arts annual event Supplemental instructional materials to support instruction in the schools Cross grade/department articulation VAPA Committee meetings District coach/coordinator

14 priorities that wont get funded from carryover if we spend it on other priorities New programs, i.e., offer west end afterschool band program, develop a District orchestra VAPA standards-based staff development Standards-based curriculum development, including new courses of study Reserve funding for west end performing arts center

15 Art & Music Block Grant: new allocation for Grade 4/5 Visual Arts Teachers- wait until State budget is passed VAPA teacher extra hour stipends

16 Year 2 Prioritized Action Steps Develop west end after school instrumental band program- need new revenue sources Modeled after East end program Solicit foundation and grant funding Staff Development support- no cost Develop networking articulation- need new revenue sources Share calendar of events Explore website access (list serve, shared lessons) Create advocacy messages- need new revenue sources Secure sponsors and patrons for the arts- revenue enhancement Prioritize purchase of supplemental instructional materials- need new revenue sources Expand the VAPA Committee membership- no cost Include more from the arts community Include more from the parent community

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