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XCEDE Use Cases: QueryAtlas & other scenarios 2008 fBIRN AHM.

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1 XCEDE Use Cases: QueryAtlas & other scenarios 2008 fBIRN AHM

2 Overview User Centered Design for fBIRN tools Example Users of Slicer with informatics infrastructure: fBIRN researchers (QueryAtlas & population statistics) Neuroscience labs (image analysis workflow) Retrospective data sharing (mark-up) CVRG (statistics & multi-scale information integration) Image-guided therapy (real-time image access) Scenarios Requirements

3 User-centered design approach 1. Assess user + developer needs, priorities & develop model 2, 3, 4: Design, Implement, Test, Iterate: * Users evaluate and shape the design (features + interaction) that works for them. * Developers ensure the designs technical merit, assess community interest & compatibility with priorities. 5: Disseminate & support Drive tool development with user needs, use cases – ensure that XCEDE web services address use cases of interest.

4 Use case: fBIRN Neuroscientists Using a webGUI or a Slicer query mechanism: Search for all SZ subjects that have FreeSurfer + FIPS analyses for a particular experiment. Or find SZ population statistical analyses and FreeSurfer average morphology data View downloaded results in QueryAtlass ontology- and atlas-based context; choose search terms and query for relevant multi-scale information. View integrated search results & save all data of interest for continued study. Export descriptions/data compatible with other atlases Query must be simple & powerful. Tools must manage & display returned results for clarity.

5 Use case: Neuroscience labs Example: Schizophrenia Research Structural Imaging, DTI, fMRI Demographics, Protocols, Clinical Assessments Label Maps, Activation Maps Labs often use Ad Hoc methods for data transfer, description & tracking provenance Shared Network Drive, Access Database, Spreadsheets… Reluctant to Change if Database Administrator is Required Would Greatly Benefit from Informatics Infrastructure if Reliable & Easy To Use

6 Use case: Sharing Retrospective Data Over 1000 Slicer-Guided Open MR Craniotomies Large Subset (~200) Cases Collated with Pre- and Intra-Operative Images Various acq., 1.5T and 0.5T GE or NRRD format (not DICOM) National Center for Image Guided Therapy (Jolesz, BWH) Goal to Share the Data Talos, Archip, and Haker Working with Marcus et al. for Upload to XNAT Central Mark-up of image data and derived data Prostate Brachytherapy Data Also Available for Upload

7 Use case: CVRG Cardiovascular Research Grid (Winslow, JHU) Broad Range of Potential inputs: CT, MR, EKG, Pet, DWI… Initial Three Cases of CT Torso Cases Uploaded to XNAT Central Data from Drs. Triedman and Jolley, Boston Childrens Pediatric Cardiology Includes Detailed Heart Segmentation JHU Canine Heart DTI (Want to use QueryAtlas-style ontology- and atlas-based query for related multi-scale data.)

8 Use case: Image Guided Therapy Collect Pre-Therapy Imaging Run Diverse Analysis Routines Evolving Research Code Multiple Investigators Bring Patient Maps into Real Time Navigation / Robotic System Feed Procedure Images and Data Back to Database

9 Scenario 1: Manual Per-Subject Target Clinical Study Scenario: 1.Search XNAT or HID for Target Data (via web GUI or Slicer queries) - Search for project name or subject name of interest: - Search for particular data assigned to you for that project 2.Select datasets of interest for download. 3.Download.xcat file containing URIs for selected datasets 4.Slicer3 Retrieves Data and Metadata 5.Analysis, Visualization, Annotation 6.Select particular datasets for upload and tag them 7.New Data and Provenance is Uploaded and Linked to Original Data

10 Scenario 1: Manual Per-Subject XCEDE Working Group discussion: find_subjects request returns a list of subjects and their IDs. get_subjects could be used to retrieve details in XCEDE format. This: find_subjects(project=PNL-PROJECT") Returns this: Some return fields could also be included: This: find_subjects(project="OASIS", fields="CDR,Age,Dx") Returns this: 0 87 Normal 0.5 84 AD 0 65 Normal

11 Scenario 1: Manual Per-Subject Slicer MRML representation for holding results in scene state: vtkMRMLSlicerTableNode & vtkMRMLSlicerTableStorageNode (M. Halle) Parse and store data in table form… Subject ID Age CDR Dx 1234 87 0 Normal 3456 84 0.5 AD 5678 65 0 Normal Also allows useful CSV input format for collections of URIs Any URI table data handed off to appropriate vtkMRMLURIHandler

12 Scenario 2: Population Analysis Target Population Study Scenario: 1.Search XNAT or HID Target Population (How will people want to specify search?) 2.Receive.xcat File of Result URIs 3.Search or Load Parameter Files for Tools – intuitive UI or script 4.Specify Group Statistics Parameters – intuitive UI or script 5.Dispatch Analysis for Remote Processing – intuitive UI or script 6.Results are Uploaded to Database from Remote Analysis Machines Identify fBIRN tool users who can help us flesh out this scenario & understand user needs?

13 Scenario 3: Visualization of Statistics Target Visualization Scenario: 1.Search XNAT or HID Processed Studies for diagnosis (SZ), protocol (SIRP), that have both FreeSurfer and FIPS analyses. 2.Select among returned results for studies of interest. 3.Receive.xcat File of Result URIs 4.Parse & load into Slicer / QueryAtlas (tags distinguish data types/formats for intelligent loading) 5.Query for explanatory information 6.Add notes, save query record and relevant information as part of MRML scene 7.Upload MRML scene to database

14 Requirements Easy To Install XCEDE Compliant Server XNAT Desktop? Web Services API and Web services client tools The Simpler the Better Several Examples are Available DigitalBucket, GeneNetwork Capability to represent data provenance, and mark up data with custom tags (Assigned To, Completed By)… Good user feedback (is transfer running? Was it successful?) Server-to-Server Data Migration Automatic Synchronization? cvs/svn-like checkouts and commits?

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