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The GEO 2009-2011 Work Plan * 2010 Update (GEO-VI) * New Online Management System Alexia Massacand (Work Plan Coordinator) Rik Baeyens (IT Manager)

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1 The GEO 2009-2011 Work Plan * 2010 Update (GEO-VI) * New Online Management System Alexia Massacand (Work Plan Coordinator) Rik Baeyens (IT Manager)

2 GEO Group on Earth Observations GEOSS Global Earth Observation System of Systems

3 GEO is an Intergovernmental Group –79 Nations –European Commission –56 Participating Organizations With a Single Objective: GEOSS –To establish a global, coordinated, comprehensive and sustained system of Earth observation systems

4 GEOSS Components


6 GEO Portal (ESRI, Compusult, ESA)

7 2009-2011 Work Plan

8 GEO Work Plan – What is it? Agreed framework for implementing the GEOSS 10-Year Implementation Plan (2005-2015) Set of practical Tasks carried out by various GEO Members and Participating Organizations Living Document – Annually updated

9 GEO Work Plan History 2009 WP 2006 2006 WP 2009-2011 WP 2007 - 20112010200920082007 Cape Town Summit

10 2009-2011 Work Plan – How did it come about? Followed recommendations from GEO-IV Plenary & Cape Town Ministerial Summit Built upon 2007-2009 Work Plan Driven by 6- and 10-year GEOSS Targets Included proposals & comments made by GEO community and Committees

11 2009-2011 Work Plan (1) Two-part structure (2) Overarching Tasks (3) « User-Driven » Approach


13 (2) Overarching Tasks 44 overarching Tasks that help: Promote synergies & cross-fertilization Move Work Plan to more strategic level Highlight key lines of GEOSS implementation

14 44 overarching Tasks including… Part 1 : BUILDING AN INTEGRATED GEOSS 1.1ARCHITECTURE AR-09-01: GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI) AR-09-02: Interoperable Systems for GEOSS AR-09-03: Advocating for Sustained Observing Systems AR-09-04: Dissemination and Distribution Networks AR-06-11: Radio Frequency Protection 1.2DATA MANAGEMENT DA-06-01: GEOSS Data Sharing Principles DA-09-01: Data Management DA-09-02: Data Integration and Analysis DA-09-03: Global Data Sets 1.3CAPACITY BUILDING CB-09-01: Resource Mobilization CB-09-02: Building Individual Capacity in Earth Observations CB-09-03: Building Institutional Capacity to Use Earth Observations CB-09-04: Capacity Building Needs/Gap Assessment CB-09-05: Infrastructure Development and Technology Transfer CB-10-01: Building Capacity through Outreach and Awareness Raising 1.4SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY ST-09-01: Catalyzing R&D Funding for GEOSS ST-09-02: Promoting Awareness and Benefits of GEO in the S&T Community 1.5USER ENGAGEMENT US-09-01: User Engagement US-09-02: Socio-Economic Indicators US-09-03: Cross-cutting Products and Services

15 44 overarching Tasks including… Part 2: THE 9 GEOSS SBAs 2.1DISASTERS DI-06-09: Use of Satellites for Risk Management DI-09-01: Systematic Monitoring to Support Geohazards Risk DI-09-02: Multi-Risk Management and Regional Applications DI-09-03: Warning Systems for Disasters 2.2HEALTH HE-09-01: Information Systems for Health HE-09-02: Monitoring and Prediction Systems for Health HE-09-03: End to End Projects for Health 2.3ENERGY EN-07-01: Management of Energy Sources EN-07-02: Energy Environmental Impact Monitoring EN-07-03: Energy Policy Planning 2.4CLIMATE CL-06-01: A Climate Record for Assessing Variability and Change CL-09-01: Information for Decision-making & Risk Management CL-09-02: Accelerating the Implementation of GCOS CL-09-03: Global Carbon Observation & Analysis System

16 44 overarching Tasks including… 2.5WATER WA-06-02: Droughts, Floods and Water Resource Management WA-06-07: Capacity Building for Water Resource Management WA-08-01: Integrated Products for Water Research 2.6WEATHER WE-06-03: TIGGE & Global Interactive Forecast System WE-09-01: Capacity Building for High-Impact Weather Prediction 2.7ECOSYSTEMS EC-09-01: Ecosystem Observation and Monitoring Network (EcoNet) EC-09-02: Ecosystem Vulnerability to Global Change 2.8AGRICULTURE AG-06-02: Data Utilization in Fisheries and Aquaculture AG-07-03: Global Agricultural Monitoring Risk Management 2.9BIODIVERSITY BI-07-01: Global Biodiversity Observation Network (GEO BON)

17 2010 Update ?

18 Technical & official comments received from GEO community No major change but rather a series of adjustments Process – Work Plan Update

19 5 New Sub-tasks Created: * Global Geodetic Observing System (AR-09-03e) * Long-Term Preservation of EO Data (DA-09-01c) * Data Democracy (CB-09-05e) * Atlas of our Changing Environment (CB-10-01d) * Key Observations for Climate (CL-09-02a) Changes – Work Plan Update

20 5 Existing Sub-tasks Moved Unchanged: * CB-09-02e Earth Observation Game for Youth moved to CB-10-01a * CB-09-03c Building Capacity for Non-technical Decision-makers moved to CB-10-01b * CB-09-04c User Oriented Workshops for GEOSS Outreach moved to CB-10-01c * US-09-03b Forest Mapping and Change Monitoring moved to EC-09-01e (Ecosystems) * US-09-03c Global Soil Data moved to DA-09-03e Changes – Work Plan Update

21 * Refined Task descriptions * New Task Leads and Points of Contact Following Members and Participating Organizations requests Changes – Work Plan Update

22 * Updated Guide to Work Plan Management Description of: - Steps required for becoming engaged with Work Plan Tasks - Overarching Task Management - Role of Committees Changes – Work Plan Update

23 * Available on-line ( * New Work Plan Information Management System (incl. Task Sheets etc) * Launched on 10 December 2009 * To be expanded 2010 Work Plan Update

24 Activities InputsOutputsOutcomes Contributions from Members and Participating Organizations GEOSS Roadmap Work Plan Task sheets Reporting Reporting and Monitoring Evaluation Targets Outcome Performance Indicators Fig. 2 GEOSS Logic Model From GEO-V Document 11


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