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2009-2011 Work Plan Development Guidelines and Schedule.

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Work Plan Development Guidelines and Schedule.

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1 2009-2011 Work Plan Development Guidelines and Schedule

2 Objective 070809101112 WP 2007-2009 Option 1WP 2010-2012 Option 2WP 2009-2011 Option 3WP 2009-2010 Option 4WP 2007-2010 Cape Town Summit

3 2009-2011 Work Plan - Fundamentals One year overlap with 2007-2009 Work Plan ensuring continuity Appropriate timeframe for preparing the 2010 GEO Ministerial Summit Opportunity to build on 2005-2008 progress and drive GEO process towards convergence by: –consolidating a number of Tasks –initiating more encompassing cross-disciplinary actions New Phase of GEOSS implementation: 2009 will be the 5th year Move beyond individual system- or community- building activities and focus more on cross-cutting and overarching Tasks in order to actually build GEOSS Address key issues such as the combined use of socio-economic data and the generation of services

4 Guidelines - Work Plan Contents Tasks in the 2009-2011 Work Plan should help: Build upon the cross-cutting dimension of GEO across: societal benefit areas (Disasters, Health, Energy, Climate, Water, …, Biodiversity); transverse areas (Architecture, Data, User, Capacity Building); system-type (observing, data-assimilation, modelling, dissemination, information). Enhance data sharing and data distribution; Take benefit of the transition of IGOS Themes (Cryo, …, Land) into GEO; Realize the potential of the Communities of Practice (Coastal Zone, Air and Health, Energy, Geohazards, Water and Health, Forest); Reflect 2007 Early Achievements in the progressive implementation of GEOSS Foster the development of GEOSS information (products, services) and the delivery of benefits to society.

5 Guidelines - Work Plan Structure The 2009-2011 Work Plan should help consolidate 2007-2009 Work Plan Tasks (and activities) into overarching strategic Tasks to: Improve the coordination and integration of similar functions; Foster linkages between related Tasks; Ensure the continuity of relevant GEO activities New Tasks may be considered under the following conditions: (i)strong Task Lead and Point of Contact identified; (ii)solid team of contributors identified; and (iii)funding source clearly identified. For new Tasks that would not have a funding source clearly identified (however would be recognized as a key contribution to GEOSS implementation), an inclusion in the Work Plan could still be considered on the basis of GEOs potential to leverage resources with funding agencies and governments.

6 Schedule April The GEO community makes proposals following Committee and Executive Committee guidelines. May-June Committees review proposals and provide recommendations. (Deadline mid-June, prior to C4) The Secretariat prepares a first version of the Work Plan (V1) based on GEO communitys suggestions and Committees recommendations by end - June 1 July The Secretariat issues Work Plan V1 for technical review to GEO ALL July Work Plan V1 is reviewed by the Executive Committee over ExCom 13 The GEO community provides individual expert comments. All comments are due by 8 August 1 Sept The Secretariat issues Work Plan V2 to GEO Principals for official comments Sept Work Plan V2 is reviewed by GEO Members and Participating Organizations, Executive Committee and Committees. All comments and recommendations on V2 are due by 3 October Mid Oct The Secretariat issues Work Plan V3 19-20 Nov GEO-V Plenary reviews and considers the Work Plan for acceptance as a living document

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