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ADC Meeting Summary Geneva, May 2008 Alessandro Annoni, JRC Jay Pearlman, IEEE Report to Capacity Building Committee May 22, 2008.

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1 ADC Meeting Summary Geneva, May 2008 Alessandro Annoni, JRC Jay Pearlman, IEEE Report to Capacity Building Committee May 22, 2008

2 Overview of Presentation Initial Operating Capability initiation and monitoring (To be discussed as separate agenda Item) ADC cross-cutting activities ADC developments and upcoming meetings May 21 20082

3 The GEOSS Architecture GEO Portal Standards and Interoperability Forum GEOSS Contributor Users GEOSS Clearinghouse GEOSS Standards and Interoperability Registry Standards Special Arrangements Components Registry Services Registry GEOSS Component and Service Registries GEOSS Components & Services Community Catalogs Best Practices Wiki

4 Cross-cutting and support activities GEO Targets UIC support CBC support

5 GEOSS 10-Yr implementation Plan Targets Targets will be updated. This work will complement that being undertaken on the new 2009-11 task plan ADC agreed to add new targets beyond two year goals

6 User Interface Support User Interface requirements registry being developed (governance review at Sept C4) Development of new or expanded use cases Architecture Implementation Pilot conference in September at Boulder Colorado

7 CBC portal under the GEO-Portal A small join team (ADC+CBC people) will be created First task – review existing requirements drafted by CBC Second task – assess impact –Prioritization of requirements –Feasibility of the current architecture –phasing of requirements –evaluate impact on existing Tasks (and update the GEO wp if necessary) Third task – start implementation (through existing or new task)

8 ADC Development Activities Standards and Interoperability Forum Best Practices WIKI IP3 and model web ADC web site

9 Standards and Interoperability Forum ToR Purpose The Standards and Interoperability Forum (SIF) provides advice, expertise and impartial guidance on issues relating to standards and interoperability for GEOSS. Goal The SIFs goal is enabling ever greater degrees of interoperability among GEOSS components through facilitation, technical analysis, advocacy and education Objectives 1. The primary function of the SIF is to address situations where GEOSS components cannot interoperate using one of the registered standards or other interoperability arrangements….

10 SIF Future Plans Monitoring of new entries into Components & Services Registry –Not a SIF responsibility –Who will check whether declared standards and SAs are used as stated? Survey of all existing and proposed GEO Tasks for issues related to standards SIF workflow management system Interaction with Best Practices Registry Meeting RT leads

11 EGU GA 4/08 # 11 Origins and Goals of the IP3 The Interoperability Process Pilot Project (IP3) was conceived as a way to begin implementing the GEOSS infrastructure and testing the GEOSS interoperability process for cross discipline efforts A series of projects involving several initially identified GEOSS components was initiated with data interoperability, being expanded to model interoperability in 2008

12 EGU GA 4/08 # 12 Model Inter-operability Simulation models are generally built in isolation and do not easily interoperate with others Result: lost opportunities to address important questions Barriers to interoperability are both technical and cultural For IP3 we will develop and register model interoperability arrangements along with specific mediation solutions and possibly recommendations for new standards.

13 Distributed network of multidisciplinary, interoperating models (and datasets and sensors) Using Service-Oriented Architecture Models and datasets maintained, operated, and served independently Data format and terminology issues resolved Grows organically within framework of broad goals and data exchange standards Web access provided to researchers, managers, public… Model Web: 5-10+ Year Vision

14 Best Practices Wiki for GEOSS Provides an open forum for converging on best practice recommendations and reviews Reaches out to a broad community Flexible structure can be easily adapted using lessons learned Best Practices Wiki will be a clear contribution of GEOSS to the global community

15 Best Practices Wiki on the Web

16 Editorial Volunteers Thorkild Aarup Oceans (sea level) Ruth Duerr Data Management Emily Firth Health (MERIT) Paolo Gamba Disasters Michelle Grobbelar Geology Hilcea Santos Ferreira Capacity Building Chris Mannaerts Capacity Building Stefano Nativi Biodiversity H. K. Ramapriyan Architecture and Data Daniel Sego Remote Sensing/SAR Associate Editors

17 Best Practices Wiki - Summary Wiki is on-line at Expert volunteers in the pilot subjects are being solicited Entries are welcome and encouraged Comments on the process should be provided to Ruth Duerr at Your participation is important. Exposure of the Wiki through Members and Organizations and the GEO Secretariat is critical to BP utility

18 ADC Web Site: Desired Functions Documents management (repository, indexing, search capabilities) –Minutes of meeting, Presentations, Task status reports, Other documents (example Tactical doc, CFPs,..), etc,... –Authorized persons should be able to upload documents –Everyone should be able to download documents ADC News – highlight of broad interest items Calendar –meetings, GEO events, IEEE/GEOSS workshops,.. Forum –discussion, ask questions../..

19 ADC Web Site: Desired Functions ADC structure and organisation –Co-chairs, Task teams POCs and Members, SIF,...with E-mail / phone General Information on GEOSS Architecture –some HTML pages describing the GEOSS architecture, implementation principles, Links to other relevant Web Sites and References to information & documents Private area (password protected and layered); –open issues, action items,...

20 Interim ADC Web Site Summary Web site is now available and content is being introduced Access is being provided to ADC only area Content submissions and calendar events contributions are encouraged

21 Plans for Meetings in Boulder, CO, USA Sept 21-26 Coordinated with UIC, C4, WGISS, AIP Sunday ADC, UIC MondayADC, UIC, WGISS (joint PM) TuesdayADC, UIC, WGISS WednesdayADC, UIC, WGISS ThursdayC4, AIP (some joint) FridayC4 AIP

22 Thank You

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