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Core Task Status, AR-07-01 Doug Nebert September 21, 2008.

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1 Core Task Status, AR-07-01 Doug Nebert September 21, 2008

2 Task Elements GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI) –UIC and the User Requirements Registry –Best Practices Wiki –Ontologies for EO Coordination between the Component and Service Registry and the Standards and Interoperability Registry Reporting separately: –Best Practices Wiki –IP3 –Standards and Interoperability Forum

3 GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI) Initial Operating Capability (IOC) Task Force created to document the requirements and support evaluation of GCI offered components Web Portal candidates: ESRI, Compusult, ESA GEOSS Clearinghouse candidates: Compusult, ESRI, GeoNetwork(?), and USGS Standards and Interoperability Registry, Component and Service Registry, Best Practices Wiki are all operational and are being maintained.

4 User Requirements Registry UIC Task (US-07-01) plans to develop a registry to store EO requirements for identified classes of users in support of applications (SBAs) White paper written to document the design of a requirements database Database was deployed by USGS with a Web administrative interface for evaluation Presented interface to GEO UIC Air Quality Workshop on May 5, 2008 in Toronto Further acceptance testing and development on-hold due to time constraints of technical lead Intention is to hand-craft archetypical users and requirements for selected applications and to develop harvest of existing requirements systems (CEOS/WMO, NASA, NOAA, ESA)


6 EO Ontologies (Related Task) Proposed task led by Japan to organize/register EO ontologies User requirements registry will require a common set of observables that can be used to link with the Service Registry and potentially the Standards Registry A common GEOSS ontology, recognizing each concept/term in the context of the source or authority is required to make this connection, to identify coverage, and to identify gaps in EO data collection

7 Standards and Services Coordination between the Service Registry and the Standards Registry is still being implemented to allow: –Nomination of a new Interoperability Arrangement (IA, standard or special arrangement) from within the Component and Service Registry –Current view of available IAs from within the Service Registry as picklist synchronized from special web service Anticipated integration complete by November 2008

8 GEOSS Components GEOSS Standards GEOSS Special Arrangements expose may become nominate GEO Members and Participating Organizations offer U.S.A. IEEE UDDIebRS OGC CSW Z39.50/ SRU Web UI SIF External Standards Bodies Subject Matter Experts JAXR Z39.50/ SRU GEOSS Component and Service Registry GEOSS Services GEOSS Standards Registry Registries Interaction reference

9 Best Practices Wiki (Registry) Wiki has been deployed by IEEE in support of collecting best practices – Wiki entries may reference standards entries, but a tighter linkage is probably warranted over time to associate the registry items – best practices could be searched by standard, standards could be searched based on related best practices, service instances could link to best practices, and vice versa More detail to follow this presentation

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