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GEOSS ADC Architecture Workshop: Portals Ingo Simonis iGSI

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1 GEOSS ADC Architecture Workshop: Portals Ingo Simonis iGSI


3 GEOSS Component, Service registry Standards, Special Arrangements Registries references Web Portal searches contribute register Community Resources accesses GEOSS Clearinghouse Catalogues Services User accesses get list of catalogue services accesses searches invokes reference Offerors Slide by Jay Pearlman

4 Web Portal Community Resources accesses User accesses searches GEONetCastFenYunCast links GEOSecretariat Resources links GEOSS Clearinghouse

5 - Best practices - Training material - Capacity Building -... Web Portal Information Services - Access/Security - Customization - Management -... GEO Web Portal - Maps - Graphs - Diagrams - Coverages -... Portrayal Services - Features - Gazetteers - Coverages -... Data Services - Chats - Newsrooms - Wikis -... Communication/ Collaboration - Catalogs - Registries Discovery Services

6 Explore Societal Benefit Areas Search Clearing- house Collaboration Communi- cation tools Customization News Map & Data Viewer Training Capacity building GEONet cast Fenyun cast Authorization / Authentication / Security Web Portal

7 Portal Requirements - Draft Functional Requirements –Portrayal Services –Access to Catalogue Services –Access to Data Services –Access to web pages at GEO Secretariat –Portal management functions Design Requirements –Free to install at GEO member sites –Minimum dynamic performance to be defined –GEOSS identity reflected in portal design

8 GEO Portal Current Status Pilot-level portals, provided by: –Compusult ( –ESA-FAO ( –ESRI ( Videos have been produced: AI_Pilot_Demo/index.html

9 Potential Future Activities Present portals at GEOSS workshops and meetings Develop portal presentation feedback form/questionnaire Capture feedback from audience Harmonize new requirements with GEOSS Registry (additional entries) Develop GEO Web Portal Architecture and Requirements report

10 Community Portals and Applications Registered at registry: –Mapufacture (Africa wild fire scenario) –SEDAC Map Client (Polar E&B scenario) –GEO Connections Discovery Portal (Polar E&B scenario) –ESA Service Support Environment (Oil Spill scenario) –SERVIR data portal (Hurricane scenario) –DataFed GEOSS Registry –Earth Observation Grid Processing on Demand GEOSS Registry –GEO-UA GEOSS Registry –GeoConnections Discovery Portal GEOSS Registry –Global Biodiversity Information Facility Data Portal GEOSS Registry –INSPIRE geo-portal GEOSS Registry –Incorporated Research Institutiions for Seismology Data Management Center GEOSS Registry –GI-go GeoBrowser GEOSS Registry –Information System and Data Center GEOSS Registry –International Directory Network: A Portal for Group on Earth Observations GEOSS Registry –NASA Earth Science Gateway GEOSS Registry –NASA Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center GEOSS Registry –U.S. Geospatial One-Stop Portal GEOSS Registry

11 Integrated Clients Frameworks Best practices

12 Status Quo and Ahead? Compusult, ESA-FAO, ESRI Other candidates/options? Further testing/development/evaluation Cross-thread activities (e.g. with clearinghouse)

13 Some ideas Dictionaries Registries URN-resolver Ontologies see Sensor Web Requirements how to deal with ebRIM profiles?

14 Discussion GEOSec to provide advice about status of portal solutions (prototypes, IOC?) Feedback is key: announce existence of portals to make users exploring the portals and to provide feedback testing with clearinghouses should be continued/completed Consider to run future portal activities as part of the scenario/SBA developments rather than a separate activity (define user requirements through scenario participation) What is the relation with application clients? Integration of various resources

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