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Slide # 1 Report to ADC AR-07-01 Status Doug Nebert, POC U.S. Geological Survey.

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1 Slide # 1 Report to ADC AR-07-01 Status Doug Nebert, POC U.S. Geological Survey

2 Slide # 2 AR-07-01 Status Subtasks: –Registries deployment –Standards and Interoperability Forum (SIF) –Interoperability Process Pilot Project (IP3) –Strategic and Tactical Guidance documents

3 Slide # 3 AR-07-01: Registries Define and deploy GEOSS Registries –Component and Service Registry: operational –Standards and Special Arrangements Registry: operational –Online capabilities referenced in Tactical Guidance –“Single sign-on” capability to share user credentials (login, profile) between the Component/Service Registry and the Standards Registry is being deployed –Connection points between Requirements Registry and other Registries being identified (Feb 2008)

4 Slide # 4 GEOSS Components GEOSS Standards GEOSS Special Arrangements expose may become nominate GEO Members and Participating Organizations offer U.S.A. IEEE UDDIebRS OGC CSW Z39.50/ SRU Web UI SIF External Standards Bodies Subject Matter Experts JAXR Z39.50/ SRU GEOSS Service and Components Registry GEOSS Services GEOSS Standards Registry Registries Interaction

5 Slide # 5 User Requirements Registry Subtask: Integration of additional GEOSS Registries into deployed GEOSS architecture –February 2008: Earth Observation User Requirements Registry design to include integration points with existing registries and offered capabilities –March 2008: Integration of Best Practices Registry with existing Registries initiated –May 2008: Integration of Best Practices Registry completed –June 2008: User Requirements Registry integration with existing Registries initiated –August 2008: Load UIC-compiled user requirements to Registry –September 2008: User Requirements Registry integration complete

6 Slide # 6 Standards and Interoperability Forum (SIF) Status Three meeting (Webex) since CapeTown –Averaging 12 participants Emphasis on analyzing standards and special arrangements pointed to in service registry but not submitted as candidate entries for standards registry Also developing workflow and establishing SIF Regional Teams Minutes, other documents on ftp site

7 Slide # 7 IP3 Status Report on 2007 IP3 activities available in draft form –Summarizes accomplishments, lessons learned and open issues Plan for IP3-2008 submitted as Position Paper to Architecture Workshop under Biodiversity area –Intent is to involve other disciplines as well

8 Slide # 8 Table of Contents

9 Slide # 9

10 Slide # 10 IP3 Schedule and Key Milestones February 2008 – Discussions with GEO Portal candidates March 2008 – Identification of new user scenarios April 2008 – Registration of new components May 2008 – Introduction of Model Web components June 2008 – Harvesting by GI-cat of metadata from GEOSS registries July 2008 – Initial prototype integrating GI-cat, work flow management and Model Web September 2008 – Report to ADC November 2008 – Demonstration to GEO Plenary

11 Slide # 11 Guidance Documents Strategic and Tactical Guidance documents are finished, incorporating comments from ADC members –Documents are not visible or readily accessible on the new website

12 Slide # 12 Tactical and Strategic Guidance documents – what is the dissemination process? –GEO Website document management functions need to be developed and deployed rapidly. New website does not yet provide access to key GEOSS documentation and guidance. –Recommend that the “ftp” zone be replaced with a document repository with a document title, synopsis or description, and link, and make the contents searchable as a GEO-wide resource Operational assistance needed in the Component/ Service registration process to promote understanding and consistency of entries (Components and Services) –Need to assign a responsible party to review and approve entries into the existing Registries (GEOSec?). Many current registrations are not consistent or complete. It is a social rather than technical issue. AR-07-01 – Issues for Attention

13 Slide # 13 Issues, cont’d Quality-of-service checking of well-established Web services would be a GEOSS-wide value-added benefit as a common capability. –AI Pilot Phase 2 (AR-07-02) may seek inclusion of a self-test capability for well-known web service types to assure better interoperability of offered services Notice of GEOSS Registry IOC and the invitation for GEO members to register appears to not have been sent to all GEO members –Use is key to the vitality of the GEOSS Registries. Registration of Components, Services, and the proposal of Standards and Special Arrangements is required of all GEO participants

14 Slide # 14 Issues, cont’d Registration of components, services and related standards does require effort –Need to better motivate contributors to invest time to do this –What is the return, beyond visibility in GEOSS? IOC status does not yet include the GEO Web Portals and GEOSS Clearinghouse which are still at proof-of- concept, technical evaluation stage –Web Portal and Clearinghouse are viewed as “core” GEOSS infrastructure that are required for the integration of the community –This is an AR-07-02 subtask and we expect these solutions to mature in 2008

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