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Crouching Power Hidden Vision Collaboration in 2002 (Part 1) LawNet 2002.

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1 Crouching Power Hidden Vision Collaboration in 2002 (Part 1) LawNet 2002

2 250 Attorneys 8 Offices

3 "The brave are simply those with the clearest vision of what is before them. Glory and danger alike, and not withstanding go out to meet it. KATE & LEOPOLD : Miramax Films 2001 Written by: Steven Rogers, James Mangold,

4 Our Goal with BakerNet is to provide our attorneys and staff with the clearest vision of the task at hand.

5 Identified KM / Collaboration as strategic objective in 1999 Site visits of 5 AMLAW 100 firms with current KM programs LawPort as the core technology Launched BakerNet 2000 BDBC KM/ Collaboration initiatives

6 Link geographically dispersed individuals and work groups Increase efficiency and internal processes Improve productivity Facilitate the delivery of high quality legal services Leverage existing software infrastructure Leverage firm knowledge Goals of BakerNet

7 2 Web Developers (ColdFusion & XML) 1 full time associate 1 Senior Partner (half time) 1 Helpdesk liaison 16 practice group coordinators (KM content) 8 Office Managers (office content) 6 Department managers (Admin content) Team BakerNet

8 LawPort MS SQL 2000 ColdFusion Summation Iblaze Compulaw Vision Docket Web View Crystal Reports 8 Enterprise Xerox FlowPort Adobe Acrobat DTE Anywhere APS RollCall BakerNet Components

9 BakerNet Basics The Intranet 8 Custom sites for each office 16 Practice Group Sites 12 Administrative sites

10 BakerNet Basics The Extranets 2 Designs Litigation management systems Web Calendaring (Vision Docket) Summation Iblaze Simple document publishing from DOCS Contacts Deal Rooms Collaboration tools (WebEx) Discussion Threads

11 The ROI on Intranets Human Resources Policy manuals Benefits claim forms Retirement Information Phone sheets Secretarial time sheets (RollCall)

12 The ROI on Intranets Accounting Management reports Secretarial time sheets (RollCall) All accounting forms Conflicts checks/reports

13 KM initiatives Client centric approach Practice groups develop KM taxonomy based on servicing a client from matter inception to conclusion Content flows through practice group coordinators Technology partner and associate coordinate efforts between practice groups Quarterly training to each practice group on both system use and identifying content Incentive systems for both attorneys and staff for content






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