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COLLABORATION in 2002, [Part I] Crouching Power Hidden Vision By Peter J. Ozolin Title: CKO, Paul Hastings 503.789.0697.

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1 COLLABORATION in 2002, [Part I] Crouching Power Hidden Vision By Peter J. Ozolin Title: CKO, Paul Hastings 503.789.0697

2 In a global Society, in which timely information is the most important commodity, collaboration is not simply desirable, it is inevitable Source: The Secrets of Creative Collaboration, by Warren Bennis.

3 Agenda Collaboration -- Past to Present. What are the most immediate, pressing problems that collaboration tools will solve? What are the challenges to adoption? Where is collaboration going (one persons opinion)

4 Collaboration options, where are they today? Phone, Fax FedEx Email, Portals, Extranets, IM

5 What have we learned? Collaborative systems, must solve real problems. Which problems are most pressing? 1. Email management 2. Knowledge management – portals/extranets 3. Process inefficiencies – portals/extranets

6 REAL PROBLEM # 1: E-Mail is a collaborative tool…. Email TodayCollaboration Tools One-to-oneMany-to-many StaticReal-time Multi-threadSingle Email InflexibleEasily customized File attachmentsLinks to files – as they relate to the email Archive ---Integrated archive capability

7 Why email must embrace collaboration: technology in action… TaskTodayCollaboration Scheduling/ Correspondence Multiple emails/ Voicemails, where is it? Single email Conform to majority Conflict Checking Manual distribution/ Process invisible Hierarchical single email Accountable, ordered flow Easy status check Document exchange and production Multiple emails/ voicemails/ hallways Single email Accountability Sharing Centralization

8 REAL PROBLEM # 2: Knowledge Management KM is 2/3 change management AND 1/3 information management Peter Senge, Dance with Change KM address issues concerning: 1. Training 2. Use of work product 3. Resource Management 4. Most accurate DATA

9 Why we need knowledge management now.. Marketplaces are increasingly competitive and the rate of innovation is rising. Most of our (attorneys) work is information based. Competitive pressures reduce the size of work force that holds valuable business knowledge. Organizations compete on the basis of knowledge. The need for life-long learning is inescapable.

10 NOT a Paradigm shift, but acceptance that nature of business itself has changed in three very important ways:. 1. For the past 25 years, most IT shops have focused on back office systems. They have been managing tangible assets such as bricks and mortar, inventory, etc. Where we are headed is managing intangible assets, concepts and ideas using intranet based systems that are competency based. 2. The knowledge worker is completely immersed in a computing environment. This new reality dramatically alters the methods by which we must manage, learn, represent knowledge, interact, solve problems and act. 3. Information overload. Technology help with delivery, but not solve the problem.

11 REAL PROBLEM # 3: Process Management – Portals/Extranets Improve use of resources Leverage firm know how to become more efficient Track performance Standardize what can be standardized

12 Example of Process Management…..

13 Challenges Facing Law Firm adoption of collaborative tools CIOS, CKOs, IT managers need to become change managers. Enhance client services through effective use of resources while keeping down costs CREDIBILITY --- Attorneys need to find you and your staff credible. If they do not, no progress. Hire people that can build report with attorneys AND clients

14 Business strategies related to Knowledge Management & Collaboration Change Management Best Practices Risk Management Benchmarking

15 Summary… Managing knowledge and collaborating represents a primary opportunity for achieving savings, significant improvements in human performance, and competitive advantage.

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