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EOGEO Workshops Toulouse Meeting

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1 EOGEO Workshops Toulouse Meeting

2 EOGEO Series of annual technical workshops on Web based geo-spatial systems organised by WGISS/CEOS –1996 Paris WWW5 Conference –1997 Landover –1998 Salzburg –1999 Silver Springs –2000 London –2001 Fredericton –2002 Ispra –2003 …..

3 EOGEO Most papers and presentations are archived and available through http://eogeo.net Peak attendances of around 150 Strive for an informal mix of presentations and discussion. Several new technologies arose from EOGEO

4 Sponsor Organisation EOGEO followed the early rapid advances in Geospatial Web systems Now a maturing technology Many problems still remain. Forum bringing GIS and EO together. EOGEO has no financial backing and depends on a volunteer host organisation

5 EOGEO Future EOGEO 2003 is in limbo right now. We need a volunteer host organisation for the next workshop. For travel purposes it helps if it coincide with another event. Possibilities for 2003 : Possibilities 2004: ECGIS joint meeting.

6 Discussion What does WGISS want to do ? Long term Options : Abandon the workshop Move to a bi-annual workshop Find a permanent host.

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