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Arizona EHDI A Collaborative Approach. 100% Voluntary 47 Hospitals.

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1 Arizona EHDI A Collaborative Approach

2 100% Voluntary 47 Hospitals

3 1994 – 1996 Laying the Groundwork Never Too Young Program, led by Lylis Olsen, audiologist at the Department of Health Services Educating Hospitals Educating the medical community Educating General Public Establishing community relationships

4 Formed Partnerships Physicians/Medical Community Universities State agencies NCHAM St. Lukes Health Initiatives

5 1997 Building Community Relationships Identified private funding sources within the community Generated community interest In a collaborative effort with DHS, The EAR Foundation of Arizona received a $282,099 award from the St. Lukes Health Initiatives

6 1998-1999 Phase I Funding Provided 2 statewide vendor fairs Financial assistance to 15 hospitals Technical assistance provided by an audiologist to hospitals DHS provided Hi*Track data management program to all participating hospitals

7 1999-2000 Phase II The EFAZ received a 2nd round of funding from SLHI Ongoing TA to existing programs $134,500 to assist 13 more hospitals implement UNHSP

8 2000-2001 Phase III Third round of funding to The EFAZ Implementation of 4 more hospitals Ongoing TA to existing programs Created Statewide Hospital Guideline

9 Technical Assistance Key Components P/Ps tailored to meet hospitals needs Appropriate equipment choices Hands On training with equipment Protocols for follow-up and communication Implementation and training on statewide tracking program

10 Ongoing Community Collaborative Efforts Formed Ad-Hoc Committee for UNHS Participating state agencies Arizona Early Intervention Program Childrens Rehabilitative Services Arizona State Schools for the Deaf Raising Special Kids Medical Home Program Office of Women and Childrens Health Office of Children Special Health Care Needs St. Lukes Health Initiatives Council For Deaf and Hard of Hearing

11 Ongoing Community Collaborative Efforts Never Too Young Advisory Committee Meetings Identification of Pediatric Audiologists Created statewide Pediatric Audiology Guidelines Established partnership with U of A to provide annual educational workshops to audiologists

12 2001/2002 DHS received MCH and CDC Grants Last 3 hospitals implementing programs 35/47 hospitals voluntarily submitting data On-going TA to all hospitals Implementation of AZ Hospital Guidelines Future legislation?

13 Voluntary Programs Key components to success Champion at DHS Establishing community relationships Awareness/Education Partners and advocates Parents Collaborating agencies Medical community

14 Voluntary Programs Key components to success Hospital Sensitivity Understanding hospital issues, challenges, needs Implementing programs that reflect needs Sensitivity + Flexibility = Buy-In Theres No one way to do it !

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