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Highway Africa 2011 – Africa Media and the Global Sustainability Challenge.

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1 Highway Africa 2011 – Africa Media and the Global Sustainability Challenge

2 Interpretation: Channel 1 – English; French - 2 Registration Maps Washrooms Tea PACAI/Highway Africa Newspaper – Open Source Chairs & Speakers Exhibitions

3 The Highway Africa Vision Birth of a Notion Where we have been Where we are The HA Future HA2011 - Programme The Social Contract A few thanks

4 To have a vibrant and growing network of African journalists and citizens empowered to advance democracy and development through their understanding and use of appropriate technologies.


6 750 million Facebook users. One third access service on mobile. Mobile penetration in SA is 110%.



9 Prescience 1997: New Media 2000 1998: Bringing New Media South 1999: The Internet Media and Democracy 2000: Africas New Media Century 2001: Digital Renaissance 2002: Wiring Journalism for Development 2003: Mainstreaming media in the Information Society


11 Last seven years… 2004: Media making the Information Society 2005: Reinforcing Journalism in the Information Society 2006: Celebrations, Reflection & Future Directions 2007:Quality and Professionalism in Journalism & the Media 2008: Citizen Journalism, Journalism for Citizens 2009: Reporting Africa – 2010, Development & Democracy 2010: African Voices in the Global Media Space

12 Critical Engagement Forum (plenary, debates, discussions) Training Workshops (knowledge & skills) Book Launching Platform Networking New Media Awards Catalyst for Initiatives

13 Created Africas premier annual journalism assembly Brought the issue of Internet and Mobile to the centre of journalism & media debates Built a Pan African network of journalists and media professionals Built the capacity of many journalists Forged unique partnerships (govt, private sector, intl donors, journalism associations, public broadcaster)

14 Sustainability – social and financial Meeting rising expectations across continent Increasing impact across Africa (visibility, language, regions) Going beyond the South African partnerships Keeping to core vision and mission

15 1. Research (mapping the terrain) 2. Education & Training (knowledge & skills capacity building) 3. Network Building ( 4. Conference (foregrounding)


17 United Nations Climate Change Summit Need to build capacity of African journalists A theme mired in myths, half-truths and denials

18 UNESCO Journalism Educators Colloquium ICASA Broadcasting Regulations Review Forum, 18 September Digital Citizens Indaba – 19 th September The African Editors Forum Council Meeting – 19 th September SABC Climate Change Reporting Workshop, 17-19 th September

19 See page 46 of HA programme Thanks to our sponsors The Highway Africa Loyalty Card Telkom – 15 years SABC – 12 years Ministry of Communications - 11 MTN – 10 years Absa – 9 years

20 2011 Programme Programme easy to follow - Mornings: Plenary - Afternoon: Workshops - Late Afternoon: Book Launch - Evening: Networking Dinner - By Midnight: in bed

21 2012: September 10-12 Africa Rising: Geo-Politics, Trade and Technology Sub-theme One: How media frames Africas place in a changing world Sub-theme Two: Social media - from the margins to the centre

22 Chris Kabwato

23 Please put your mobile phones in vibrate mode Time-keeping Collegiality Take care of your belongings The one thing you can do is tweet #HA2011

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