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ENERGY ENGINEERING MASTERS DEGREE. Why a Consortium? Great problems are solved with high performance equipment. We celebrate that eight leader companies.

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2 Why a Consortium? Great problems are solved with high performance equipment. We celebrate that eight leader companies have joined with Tecnologico de Monterrey in a joint effort to find solutions to boost Mexicos growth.

3 Background 1. It is a successful program with its first generation already graduated. 2. Companies need to fiercely compete to stand a chance in the world market (China and India) 3. The possibility of new products development, embodying innovation and technology, help to grow the roots of the companies in the nation. 4. Manufacturing engineers have limited time and resources to think and analyze innovatively.

4 The University 1. Graduate programs naturally attract high performance talents in search of advance theoretical knowledge, and they do not think that the enterprises can help them to achieve their dreams. 2. The Graduate program can focus these capabilities to apply them to the design of new products that will stimulate the economical growth of the companies. 3. Teachers and students alike are motivated to think in the challenges of the industry, this way bonds are established to exploit the synergy of the joint work of theoretical knowledge and industrial experience.

5 The Students 1. Are given scholarships to dedicate full-time to the study and development of new products. 2. Have the certainty that their work is a contribution to the economical growth of the country. 3. Guaranteed work as Design Engineer on graduation (or before). 4. Their studies are held in a Design Center-like environment, under the supervision of booth, the enterprises engineers and their university professors.

6 Interest areas of knowledge of the Consortium

7 Differences with Traditional Masters Degree programs The scholarship coverers all their tuition and living expenses, they can dedicate full-time to study, investigate and development. The courses and their contents are focused to the needs of the companies and they may be taught, in certain cases, in collaboration with experienced professionals from companies in a team teaching model along with the university professors. There is a weekly control of the advances of the student, both by the University and the Sponsoring Enterprise. There are also weekly seminars where the group advances are shown, this also contributes to the development of their communicational skills.

8 Differences with Traditional Masters Degree programs Periodically they present, in the above mentioned seminars their work, to develop communication skills and team work with their pairs in other disciplines. The student has funding at his/her disposition to assist to international conferences, specialized training courses, etc., when the thesis topic and advancement justify it. This way they can establish bonds with global leaders in the field they are working on. The possibility for summer internship in laboratories and research centers of the Consortium Companies. According to their performance through the masters program, the enterprise may opt to make job offering to the student supported by this program.

9 Key points of the Program Complete scholarship (100%), tuition and living expenses according to each candidate needs (Worth $10,000 pesos monthly, equivalent to U$D 780). Work career plan defined since their first day in the program. The opportunity to establish contact with the best specialist in their field attending international conferences. Certainty that their dedication contributes to the competitive development of their country. The challenge to join an excellence group and become a competent design engineer with international experience within 18/24 months.

10 Acceptance Requirements Having graduated with a top performance score in a career within the field of study of the program. Solid knowledge foundations in the basic areas such as physics, mathematics, and computational sciences, as well as in their expertise area (mechanics, electricity, chemistry, etc.) Apply by means of a letter where they express their interests and their professional background. Be a top performer in the Tecnologico de Monterrey Admission Test (PAEP) with a score high enough to qualify for excellence scholarships. Being chosen as a scholarship holder by one of the consortium enterprises.

11 Acceptance Requirements Good knowledge of English language in order to be able to study and read books and scientific papers written in this language. Being able to communicate in written and spoken form in English and Spanish. Have a vocation for the industrial world, to work in the R&D departments. Abide by the Consortium rules, specially concerning to the intellectual property and be committed to work to finish both the masters program and their thesis within 18/24 consecutive months. Commit to respect the agreements between the student and the member of the Consortium who will sponsor his/her studies.

12 Summary 1. The Consortium combines what is best in the Enterprise and the University. Experience of engineers in the industrial site. The eagerness for knowledge of the best Masters students and their full time availability to think on innovative solutions. Up to date professors knowledge. Laboratories in the University and the Enterprise.

13 Summary 2. Proposes the union of forces to promote added value activities New Products. Patents. Active industrial presence in the management of the formative process. What has being mentioned above assures the sustainability of the program.

14 Thank you very much for your kind attention FURTHER INFORMATION Dr. Federico Viramontes Brown Dr. Osvaldo Micheloud Vernackt

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