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The function of the Inter-American Defense College is to develop and provide opportunities to military officers and civilians from OAS members states for.

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1 The function of the Inter-American Defense College is to develop and provide opportunities to military officers and civilians from OAS members states for advanced academic courses related to military and defense issues, the Inter- American System, and related disciplines Article 22 OEA/Ser.P AG/RES. 1 (XXXII-E/06) 15 March 2006 Organization of American States Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Affairs 23 March 2010

2 IADC Annual Expenses ~$14.5 Million * $490K of OAS funding is allocated to personnel costs 2

3 IADC Personnel Costs ~$11.3 Million 3

4 Host Nation Support to IADC ~$2.3M Does not include personnel costs 4

5 IADC Apportionment of OAS Subsidy to IADB ~$930K 5

6 SourceDescriptionAmountNotes OAS Civilian Personnel Cost$490,000 5 Civilian Positions $ 338K Retirees $102K Shared IADB (Finance Analyst) $60K Translation & Interpretation$205,000 Spanish, Portuguese and English Custodial Services$65,000 Copiers and Printing$52,000Xerox contract and printing services Internet and Telecommunications$35,000Network connections, Phones and Software Furniture and Office Equipment$32,000Purchase and repair of desks, chair, cubicles, etc. IT Equipment & Supplies$25,000 IT, computers, paper, student & staff supplies, learning materials, etc Annual OAS Audit$19,000 Lecture & Seminar Support$7,000 Guest speakers, local academic trips and seminar materials TOTAL $930,000CY10 projection based on CY09 actual 6

7 IADC Academic Overview Curriculum elements Academic Modules Seminars Workshops Distinguished Speakers Exercises & Simulations Research Program Trips & Visits Distance Learning Research program Strategic Planning & Analysis Geopolitics Forecasting Managing Defense Team Projects The Global Situation The Hemispheric Situation Security & Defense Strategy & Policies Country Study Eleven Written Assignments Major themes International Relations International Institutions & Institutional Leadership Strategic Analysis Strategic Planning Civil-Military Relations Conflict Resolution & Negotiation 7

8 Transformation Begins 2007 Academic Content and Structure Academics & course flow not integrated Thesis requirement exceeded College capability Advisor preparation inadequate Advisor role mismatch Inadequate student and program evaluation systems Academic Partnerships Academic partnerships from 3 countries Course content driven by availability of external partners Ineffective academic agreements Facilities Technology, & Student Support Students shared computers and study space Auditorium seats unserviceable College building in violation of safety and health codes 8

9 Transformation Continues 2008/2009 Academic Content and Structure Realigned existing academics & course flow Monograph replaced thesis Restructured research program (analysis & forecasting) Advisors Developed training program for students transitioning to advisor role Assigned advisors based upon skill sets and requirements Academic consultant recommendations incorporated Academic Partnerships Expanded international participation Chile Academia Nacional de Altos Estudios Políticos y Estratégicos Universidad Católica Spain – Instituto Universitario General Gutierrez Mellado Facilities Technology, & Student Support Installed Video Teleconferencing (VTC) Created individual student workspaces Acquired electronic readers 9

10 Sustaining Transformation 2009/2010 Academic Content and Structure Integrated academic content and course structure 11 written assignments replaced monograph Improved course and student evaluations Added advisor training course Improved student orientation Academic Partnerships Expanded international partnership (Peru – Colegio de Altos Estudios Nacionales) Strategic analysis module Ethics module Two new Masters Degree options distance learning options (English & Spanish) Increased translation of key readings Facilities Technology, & Student Support Renovated student common areas Began critical health and safety repairs 2 US military positions converted to 2 US funded civilian positions 10

11 2010 and Beyond Academic Content and Structure Add more accredited courses including electives Strategic Culture module Accreditation options Academic Partnerships Expand international partnerships (Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay, Uruguay) Initiate research projects International Adjunct Professors Create internships Collaborate with think tanks in cooperation with OAS Department of External Relations Facilities Technology, & Student Support Web-enabled remote classroom Transition Distance-Learning courses from passive to active 11

12 Academic Partnerships American University ($115K) International Relations International Institutions International Economic Policy Mass Media and the Armed Forces The Inter-American System The Art of Negotiation Optional Masters in International Service American Public University Three optional online Masters Degrees Instituto Universitario General Gutierrez Mellado, Spain ($20K) Conference on the World Situation Optional Masters Degree in Peace, Security, & Defense 12

13 Academic Partnerships Academia Nacional de Altos Estudios Políticos y Estratégicos, Chile ($27K) Canadian Defence Academy National Defense University ($8K) Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies Naval Post-Graduate School ($3K) Universidad Católica, Chile ($10K) Universidad del Salvador, Argentina ($29K) Centro de Alto Estudios Nacionales, Peru ($10K) 13

14 2330 Graduates from 24 Countries 2 Presidents 31 Ministers 11 High Level Appointees 571 Generals/Admirals *

15 GD Otto Romero Ministro de Defensa (El Salvador) Dra Michelle Bachelet Presidente (Chile) ALM Mariano Saynez Secretario de Marina (México) ALM Jorge Montoya Comandante de la Armada (Peru) EMB Lourdes Aranda Sub Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores (México) IADC Notable Graduates GD Ronaldo Leiva Ministro de Defensa (Guatemala)

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