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Finding the Relevance of Dimensions of Learning (DOL)

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1 Finding the Relevance of Dimensions of Learning (DOL)

2 Habits of Mind (Dimension 5) Persistence Managing Impulsivity Listening with Empathy and Understanding Metacognition Striving for Accuracy Applying Past Knowledge Questioning and Posing Problems Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision Gathering Data Through All Senses Creating, Imagining & Innovating Responding With Wonderment and Awe Taking Responsible Risks Finding Humour Thinking Interdependently Remaining Open to Continuous Learning

3 Looking for the Relevance of DOL Employment after school Skills required to gain particular jobs


5 Your Task: Find general skills/attributes that are required to gain a job e.g. excellent communication skills You may use any of the jobs provided in your newspaper Write down at least 5 skills/attributes

6 Inspiration – Your Results Match fairly closely to the Habits of Mind

7 One Step Further

8 Year 9 Results Do you think it would be a good idea to improve on these skills while at school? Why? they are skills that you need in later life so later in life I can do better in these skills because it will help me in future years when Im in my own job or in everday life while I can, before its too late because when I get out of school it will be a lot harder to fix these problems because its preventing me from doing my best

9 Conclusions Even Year 9 students can relate to DOL when they see the relevance Helps students to see why we are trying to teach them these skills Helps start students thinking about their learning (metacognition) Acts as basis – next time: – investigate a famous person and look at what skills/attributes they had –when discussing their assignment or scientific report, relate back to the importance of communication skills

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