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CS 695: Doctoral Seminar Instructor: Shangping Ren.

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1 CS 695: Doctoral Seminar Instructor: Shangping Ren

2 CS 695: Doctoral Seminar 2 Contact Info  Instructor:Shangping Ren  Office: 228E SB   Phone:(312) 567-5215  Office Hours:M: 11:30 am to 1:30 am Or by appointment

3 CS 695: Doctoral Seminar 3 Grading Scheme  Exams:0%  Homework and class discussion: 100% Besides regular class discussions, each student is expected to give 2 to 6 presentations:  Research papers  Project proposal  Project defense

4 CS 695: Doctoral Seminar 4 Class Settings  Around table discussions on various topics  Topic materials are from research papers, instead of a single text book  Some of the resources are:  Proceedings of RTSS, RTAS, WPDRTS, etc.,  IEEE/ACM Transactions, journals  University research group websites

5 CS 695: Doctoral Seminar 5 The Sixteen Habits of Mind from 3 rd grade honor’s math class 1.Persisting: never give up! Try, try again … in a different way, stand your ground, hang tough! 2.Managing Impulsivity: think before you act, calm, controlled, planned, patient, thoughtful 3.Listening and Understanding with Empathy: respectful, caring, mirroring, summarizing, attentive compassionate 4.Thinking Flexibly: Open-minded, options, multiple solutions, many possibilities, creative, different perspectives

6 CS 695: Doctoral Seminar 6 The Sixteen Habits of Mind from 3 rd grade honor’s math class 5.Metacognition: thinking about your thinking, knowing what you know and what you don’t know, inner thoughts, thinking out loud, inner feelings 6.Striving for Accuracy: check it over, perfection, exactness, clear, specific, quality, on target 7.Questioning and Posing Problems: interested, quest, clarifying, pondering, inference, predicting, seeking, investigative, curious 8.Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations: re-use, know your resources, remember, recall, bridge, making connections …

7 CS 695: Doctoral Seminar 7 The Sixteen Habits of Mind from 3 rd grade honor’s math class 9.Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision: articulate and enunciate, choice of words, grammatically correct, command of language, define your terms … 10.Gathering Data through All Senses: hands on, physical and visual, involvement, engaged, feel it, sensations 11.Creating, Imagining, and Innovating: unique, brainstorm, imaginative, new, inventive, clever, artistic 12.Responding with Wonderment and Awe: amazed, excitement, fascination, passionate, challenged, wide-eyed, surprised!

8 CS 695: Doctoral Seminar 8 The Sixteen Habits of Mind from 3 rd grade honor’s math class 13.Taking Responsible Risks: adventuresome, courageous, exploration, challenged, daring, individualistic 14.Finding Humor: laugh at yourself, playful, funny, off the wall, laughable 15.Thinking Interdependently: cooperative, family, teamwork, social support group, harmonious 16.Remaining Open to Continuous Learning: self-help, self-modifying, lifelong learning, commitment, dissatisfied, problem solving, insatiable

9 CS 695: Doctoral Seminar 9 Course Objectives Have a successful PhD research and dissertation Chinese Proverb: “A thousand mile journey starts from your steps.”

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