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Life Long Learning Why Education? Tuition Assistance Testing Programs ­ Military AFQT ­ CLEP ­ Foreign Language.

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1 Life Long Learning Why Education? Tuition Assistance Testing Programs ­ Military AFQT ­ CLEP ­ Foreign Language

2 S CHOOL L IAISONS Provide Information including: Interstate Compact for the Education of Military Children PCS (Positive Change of Schools) to smooth transitions when moving Local Schools Schooling Options Resources Tutoring & Skills Reinforcement Scholarships Deployment Resources

3 Transition Assistance Workshop Automated Job Search Veterans Benefits Family Member Employment Assistance Program MyCAA for spouses Transition Assistance Management Program

4 Budgeting Home Buying Car Buying Savings and Investment Managing Debt Personal Financial Management

5 Welcome Aboard Packages Housing/Set-Aside Program Lending Locker Smooth Move/Overseas Briefs Relocation Assistance

6 Powers of Attorney Wills Taxes Notary Immigration LEGAL ASSISTANCE

7 Washington District Office 2675 Prosperity Avenue MS 2400 Fairfax, VA Military Outreach: Bringing Immigration Services to the Troops Yadira Suazo, Supervisory Information Service Officer (Military Liaison) (703) Washington District Office Mailbox for Military USCIS Military Help Line CIS-4MIL ( )

8 Off-base Child Care Child Care Subsidy Assistance Resource and Referral (NACCRRA, SITTERCITY, LOCAL) Enhanced Emergency Child Care Children, Youth & Teens

9 Individual, Marital, and Family Counseling Crisis Intervention Victim Advocacy Education and Prevention Classes CVA/UVA Counseling Services

10 Home Visits Parenting Education & Assistance Emotional Support and Counseling Baby Boot Camp New Parent Support

11 EFMP Enrollment Medical and Education Resources EFMP Respite Care Program EXCEPTIONAL FAMILY MEMBER PROGRAM

12 TRICARE Military Health Care Program Prime (assigned PCM) Standard (network) Extra (non-network) TriCare for Life TriCare Dental TriCare Pharmacy


14 R ED C ROSS E MERGENCY C OMMUNICATION M ESSAGES (ECM) Emergencies are sudden, generally unexpected, occurrence of a time-critical and short-term nature that disrupts the norm and that demands immediate action or attention. Red Cross Emergency Communications help service members and their families prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. We help provide service members and military authorities with objective, timely, confidential, factual, complete and verified reports on emergency situations that will help them make informed decisions. Service members and military commanders rely on Red Cross emergency communications to help make leave decisions or to help service members cope with the emergency in other ways 14

15 S ENDING /R ECEIVING ECM S Anyone can initiate a request to send an ECM Who can receive an ECM? Anyone on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces (including Guard and Reserves) Commissioned Corps of the US Public Health Service Mobile SAF staff DOD Civilians employed outside Continental United States DOD Civilian or U.S. Armed Force Family members residing with deployed or employed person outside Continental United States Military Retiree or the Retirees Spouse or Widow(er) Cadet or Midshipmen of the service academies Merchant seaman aboard US Naval Ships (USNS) Any immediate family member or dependent of an authorized recipient 15

16 EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS MAY BE ABOUT: The immediate family of authorized recipient (spouse & children) Father/mother (includes stepparents and legally adoptive parents) Brother/sister (includes step and half relations) Persons standing in place of a parent Only living blood relative Grandparent/great-grandparent of authorized recipient or spouse Grandchild (includes step grandchildren) Undeclared family members Fiancée Domestic Partner Common-law spouse 16

17 WHEN YOU CALL, HAVE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION AVAILABLE: Callers name, complete address, phone information (home, cell, work), relationship to the service member. Service members: Complete name Rank or rating Branch of Service Social Security Account Number (SSAN) Date of Birth (DOB) Duty Status (Active duty, Guard, Reserve) Complete Military address (Unit) As much information/detail about the emergency as possible 17

18 ACCESS TO FINANICAL ASSISTANCE The American Red Cross and the military aid societies partner in delivering access to emergency financial assistance, including: EMERGENCY TRAVEL and RELATED MAINTENANCE Miscellaneous Expenses Associated and Invitational Travel Orders Medical and Dental Expenses Burial and Funeral Expenses Essential Transportation/Vehicle Repair/ Return to Duty Station Convalescent Leave Basic Maintenance Normal Monthly Expenses Household Set-up Delayed or Interrupted Pay 18

19 M ILITARY F AMILY P ROGRAMS Thank you for your support to our service men and women.

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