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Welcome to the A B Cs of Military Resources. Why am I here? Partnering with our civilian counterparts I believe the need to have community agencies informed.

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1 Welcome to the A B Cs of Military Resources

2 Why am I here? Partnering with our civilian counterparts I believe the need to have community agencies informed on military support services will better serve our military community in your community Learn more about what the military family service centers provide to the service members and their families This is not a military mandatory regulation, instruction, policy, or directive but a Do the Right Thing action

3 Objectives At the completion of this brief you will learn to: Define todays Military Family Have a better understanding of the military culture and life style of today Update on resources available to military service members and their families

4 Boot Camp Breakdown

5 Once arrived at Basic Training One quick phone call - arrived safely / a postcard stating information Teaches the critical importance of Discipline, Teamwork and the Foundational Knowledge of their military service. There may be a lot of yelling, a lot of orders and a lot of chances for screwing up! It is ok, there is no possible way they will be doing anything right for the next few weeks. A state of shock as the finality of their decision to enlist starts to sink in, but then a self-confidence attitude of belonging to the US Military Drug-testing; Haircuts (Female Navy recruits also); Clothing Issue; $$$

6 Military Family Support Services EMPOWER S families with real life skills and solutions for successful military living. Marine Corps Community Services Army Community Services Navy Fleet & Family Support Center Airman & Family Readiness Center Coast Guard Work Life Programs National Guard Family Readiness Army Reserve Family Programs


8 First Termers Financial Plan Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA) 6% cap on loans prior to enlistment. Financial Emergencies Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) Army Emergency Relief (AER) Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (All Services provide Family Member Scholarships) American Red Cross (ARC) 877-272-7337 Liaison to all Financial Aid Societies Wellness Messages/Birth announcements Emergency Messages Financial Readiness Program

9 Relocation

10 Welcome Orientation to new installation Overseas Relocation Includes informal classes on culture / language International Spouses – Information on US Culture & Citizenship Sponsorship Training Lending Closet - Inbound/ Outbound Relocation Readiness


12 New Parent Support Program Ages pre-birth to 5 yrs old The New Parent Support Team is a professional team of nurses and social workers who provide support and education. Baby Boot Camp Budget for Baby Parenting Classes

13 Military & Family Life Consultant (MFLC) MFLC Program, by the Office of the Secretary of Defense, (OSD) is designed to supplement existing Family Programs by providing support and assistance to active duty Soldiers, National Guard & Reserves, military Family Members and civilian personnel. The Military Family Life Consultants (MFLC) are licensed clinicians with Masters Degrees and at least five years experience in Social Work, Counseling, or related clinical discipline. MFLC offers free counseling session(s) with flexible meeting locations and flexible appointment times. Confidential - No Records Kept *Duty to warn does apply in cases of threat to self, others, and any reportable abuse issues.

14 More Support Services Marines - Marine and Family Programs Navy - Fleet & Family Readiness Army - Army Community Services Air Force - Airman& Family Readiness Services Coast Guard – Personnel Services and Support Unit Religious Activities Services Military Education Center

15 Family Readiness Support Marine Corps –Family Readiness Officer (FRO) Army - Family Readiness Group (FRG) Navy/Coast Guard - Ombudsmen Air Force - Key Spouse Army Reserve - Family Readiness Group (FRG) National Guard - Family Readiness Group (FRG)

16 Relocation Assistance Counseling and Family Advocacy Substance Abuse Counseling Exceptional Family Member Program Children Youth and Teens New Parent Support Lifelong Learning Information and referral Personal Financial Management Marine & Family Programs L.I.N.K.S. classes with insight into life in the Corps for spouses, parents and youth, offered online and in person Unit Family Readiness volunteer training Spouse Leadership Seminars to develop professional and life skills Readiness/Deployment/Return and reunion support

17 Army Community Service Proud to serve those who serve! Employment Readiness Program Exceptional Family Member Program Family Advocacy Program Information and Referral Mobilization, Deployment, and Family Readiness Program New Parent Support Program Relocation Readiness Program Victim Advocacy Program Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program Survivor Outreach Services Thank you for your service


19 Air Force Military & Family Services Personal Financial Readiness Relocation Assistance Program Transition Assistance Program Personnel & Readiness Exceptional Family Member Program School Liaison Officer Casualty Assistance Officer Family Advocacy Counselors

20 Support Website Information All Services - All Services - Marines - Army - Navy - Air Force - Coast Guard- Especially for Parents:

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