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CONNECTING PEOPLE AND POSSIBILITES Human Resources, Labour and Employment Avalon Region.

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1 CONNECTING PEOPLE AND POSSIBILITES Human Resources, Labour and Employment Avalon Region

2 Mission “By 2011 the Department of Human Resources, Labour and Employment will have enhanced supports and services to individuals to increase their participation in the labour market and to employers to ensure they have the human resources required to compete and contribute to a prosperous future for the province.” Human Resources, Labour and Employment

3 Main Lines of Business –Labour Market Development –Employment and Career Services –Immigration & Multiculturalism –Youth Engagement –Support for Persons with Disabilities –Income Support –Emergency Social Services Poverty Reduction Strategy Supportive Living Community Partnership Program Human Resources, Labour and Employment

4 Income Support Provides financial assistance with daily living expenses, such as food, shelter, clothing, medical transportation and special needs. Provides assistance in moving from Income Support to employment. Provides assistance in securing spousal and child support and for spouses leaving violent family situations. Provide emergency support and start up allowance for individuals leaving violent relationships. Responds to emergency and disaster situations in partnership with community agencies.

5 Application Type 4 Types of Benefits: –Income Support Basic Benefits –Health Benefits –Special Needs/Other Benefits –Disaster Benefits

6 Ways to Apply Telephone Application Call 729-7888 or 1-877-729-7888. Paper Application Printing from Department website

7 Applicant Should Know Personal Information: Date of Birth SIN MCP Address Private Drug Coverage Financial Information: All income received in the household in the previous 60 days. (Pay, EI, WHSCC, CPP, etc) Assets (bank account, RRSP, liquid assets, mutual funds, etc)

8 Application Assessment 2 Steps for Regular Income Support: 60 day assessment to determine eligibility date. 30 day assessment going forward to determine continued eligibility. Medical Assessment: 30 day assessment to determine amount of financial support client would be eligible for. (i.e. medical transportation, vision care, etc.)

9 Other Income Support Services Medical Transportation Dentures Vision Care Health Care Supplies **Emergency needs assessed on a case by case basis**

10 Staff Roles Intake Unit Case Maintenance Unit Mailback Unit Community Agencies Unit

11 Staff Roles Regional Enquiries Coordinator Pay Authorization Unit Eligibility Assurance Unit

12 Social Work Services oSupport Applications Social Workers (SASW) –5 SASWs in St. John’s –3 SASWs in Carbonear Liaison Social Workers (LSW) –3 LSWs in St. John’s –1 LSW in Carbonear

13 SASW – Referral Process Self Referrals –Initial Assessment completed by Client Service Officer –In-Depth Assessment –Support Application Social Worker/Family Justice Mediator

14 SASW – Other Services Other services offered by Family Justice Services include: Custody/Access mediation Counseling Parent Information Sessions relating to separation/divorce process Contact #: 729-1183

15 LSW - Referral Process Referrals are reviewed by LSW supervisor Harold Guzzwell and then assigned to a social worker Referrals are based on the individuals : Constant Demands/Ongoing Issues Emergency History Needs Coordination

16 Contact Information oHRLE Avalon Main Line: 729-7888 or 1-877-729-7888 oHRLE Email Address: oHRLE Mailing Address: Dept of Human Resources, Labour & Employment Document Processing Centre P.O. Box 8790 St. John’s, NL A1B 5E4

17 THANK YOU Human Resources, Labour and Employment

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