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United Way Speak Working together to Advance the Common Good AIRS Conference – Rochester New York May 26, 2010.

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1 United Way Speak Working together to Advance the Common Good AIRS Conference – Rochester New York May 26, 2010

2 2 Objectives 1.Participants will increase their knowledge about United Way's work. 2.Participants will exchange information that will enable strategic partnerships between 2-1-1 and United Ways to flourish.

3 3 Agenda 1.What changes are occurring in the United Way system? 2.How can you position 2-1-1 /I&R as a strategic asset with your United Way? 3.What stories demonstrate 2-1-1's integration with United Ways' agenda?

4 4

5 5 5 United Way Strategic Direction 2010 - 2012 Mission To improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities around the world to advance the common good. Value Proposition We galvanize and connect a diverse set of individuals and institutions, and mobilize resources, to create long-term change.

6 6 Strategic Imperatives 2010 - 2012 1.Advance the common good through the continued evolution to impact and through our commitment to success in the areas of education, income and health 2.Serve as a mobilizing force for social change by bringing LIVE UNITED to life (give, advocate & volunteer) 3.Drive revenue & resource generation for the network and United Way Worldwide by creating a financial engine that funds strategic imperatives and ensures United Ways long- term growth and sustainability

7 7 United Way. Advancing the Common Good Education Helping children & youth achieve their potential Readiness to achieve in school Academic achievement Productive & engaged youth Increased income Increased savings Assets gained and sustained Maternal health and infant well-being Basic health care coverage and prevention Healthy youth and adults Creating the opportunities for a better life for all by focusing on: Community & Volunteer Engagement 2-1-1 Community Investment Public Policy Resource Generation Income Promoting financial stability and independence Health Improving peoples health Inclusion & Partnerships Standards of Excellence Relationship Building / Mobilization Mission: To mobilize the caring power of communities to improve lives by advancing the common good.

8 8 System Goals 2010 - 2012 Implement a U.S. national campaign to make meaningful progress on our impact goals that is executed at the national, state and local levels. Develop global goals and frameworks for long-term efforts in education, income and health. Establish deeper relationships with individuals and institutions to support our education, income and health goals. Grow United Way system donor, volunteer and advocate base and revenue with an increasing percent directed to education, income and health. Deepen our system engagement and capacity-building efforts, including those of UWW.

9 9 Nationwide Campaign for the Common Good Nationwide effort to rally individuals, communities and states to act on education, income and health, which will… Develop coordinated and complementary actions at the local, state and national levels to elevate the issues Recruit the participation of our existing partners and key allies and coordinate and align activities Foster peoples passion and caring about the issues and create the avenues to engage them in making a difference Learn from campaigns that have engaged the public in new ways and drove changes in social norms

10 Education Mobilization Group Participants Battle Creek, MI Columbus, OH Lafayette, LA Lancaster, PA Miami, FL New Haven, CT New York, NY Santa Fe, NM Spokane, WA Toledo, OH

11 11 United Ways are in many different places Transactional Resources In; Resources Out Focused on Program Results Doing Community Change Projects A Community Change Organization GLOBAL UNITED WAY CONTINUUM

12 12 How can 2-1-1s / I&R and UWs become strategic assets for each other? How do we facilitate: enduring productive profitable ! strategic partnerships between UWs and 2-1-1s / I&Rs?

13 13 How 2-1-1 fits into UW Initiatives Key Principles United Way and 2-1-1 are mutually reinforcing Both work to support the health & human service system to be impactful, responsive & efficient Both are vital to local efforts to address existing and emerging community needs Both benefit from understanding the unique roles they can play in each others domain

14 14 What 2-1-1 can do for United Way initiatives 2-1-1 provides a tangible portal to UW work, highlighting successes including successful relationships and can: Identify and classify existing community resources in the areas of Health, Income & Education Provide detailed reports on the level of requests for resources related to Health, Income & Education Cross promote specific United Way initiatives as they related to callers needs and requests Target callers, by specific demographics or topics, for supplemental surveying or follow-up Introduce UW to ethnic and faith-based groups which might inform their objectives

15 15 What United Way can do to support 2-1-1 Invite or include 2-1-1 representatives to serve on United Way committees or task forces related to initiative work Support and fund specific enhancements to 2-1-1 capacity for data mining, analysis and research (some 2-1-1s may not currently have the right skills set or technology) Promote 2-1-1 consistently as the number to call for more information around initiatives (with prior communication and agreed upon expectations) Collaboratively advocate for 2-1-1 support in the public sector (local, state & federal) for dedicated funding

16 16 Resources General United Way Worldwide: Common Good Forecaster: Exploring the Impact of Education in your Community

17 17 Contacts Linda Daily Director 2-1-1 and Disaster Services United Way Worldwide 703.836.7112 x 474 Tino Paz Manager 2-1-1 United Way Worldwide 407.673.2003

18 Thank you

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