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Standard Grade Computing. General Credit Computer Systems General Purpose Packages Communications and Networks Industrial Applications.

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1 Standard Grade Computing

2 General Credit Computer Systems General Purpose Packages Communications and Networks Industrial Applications

3 Computer Systems

4 General Credit SYSTEMS SOFTWARE common features of high level languages; purpose of high level languages; need for translation types of translator: compiler interpreter portability of software

5 General Credit OPERATING SYSTEMS operating system as a program; directory/folder interactive system; real-time systems; types of file: –data –program operating system provides a HCI for the user [file management, memory management, error reporting]

6 General Credit OPERATING SYSTEMS interactive systems with background job capability device drivers; hierarchical filing system; sequential and random/direct access to data

7 General Credit LOW LEVEL MACHINE stored program; bit, byte, kilobyte (Kb), megabyte (Mb), gigabyte (Gb), terabyte (Tb) main memory size; concept of machine code; calculation of storage requirement of b/w bit-map;

8 General Credit LOW LEVEL MACHINE representation of positive whole number, text, b/w bit-mapped graphics processor structure: – control unit; –Arithmetic/Logic Unit (ALU); –Registers Word; concept of addressability

9 General Credit HARDWARE ROM and RAM; storage location; capacity of backing storage; mainframe, desktop, laptop/notebook, palmtop; sequential and random/direct access devices


11 General Credit input devices scanner; digital still camera; digital video camera; webcam; microphone specialised input devices for: disabled users; virtual reality; use of a variety of input devices for multimedia; sound card

12 General Credit output devices comparison of printer in terms of –:speed(ppm); –capital costs –running costs – resolution(dpi); Liquid Crystal Display (LCD); Thin Film Transistor (TFT) loudspeakers specialised output devices for: –disabled users; –virtual reality; use of variety of output devices for multimedia sound card; graphics card

13 General Credit backing storage comparison of backing storage in terms of: –speed (data transfer); –cost; –capacity; Types –CD-Recordable (CD-R) –CD- Rewriteable (CD-RW) –DVD-Recordable (DVD-R) –DVD-Rewriteable (DVD-RW) –USB Flash Drive backing storage requirements for different applications


15 General Credit NEED accurate, complete and up- to-date information flow of information between and within organisations

16 General Credit STORAGE need for backupAdvantages of standard file formats (text, ASCII, RTF)

17 General Credit HUMAN COMPUTER INTERFACE (HCI) user friendliness WIMP environment –Windows, Icons, Menu, Pointer; template; wizard online help online tutorial Graphical User Interface toolbar keyboard shortcuts Customising HCI

18 General Credit SOFTWARE INTEGRATION common HCI ease of transfer of data static/dynamic data linkage integration between separate packages in a software suite

19 General Credit DATA TYPES text number graphic audio; photographic animation; video

20 General Credit IMPLICATIONS SOCIAL job types and careers; retraining; mail shots Online help, online tutorial; Graphical User Interface; toolbar effects on employment and working conditions; increased paper

21 General Credit IMPLICATIONS SECURITY AND PRIVACY exceptions to right of access; control of access (eg passwords); unauthorized access to data (eg hacking) Data Protection Act –data subject –data controller –data user Computer Misuse Act; Copyright, Designs and Patents Act

22 General Credit IMPLICATIONS ECONOMIC initial costs replacement costs; running costs staff costs

23 General Credit ADVANTAGES speed and accuracy of processing; ease of amendment increased productivity layout flexibility availability of information

24 General Credit WORD PROCESSING standard paragraph search and replace spelling check grammar check tabulation; table; page breaks standard letter and mail merge; create template; edit scanned text from OCR

25 General Credit SPREADSHEET complex formulae; functions SUM(..), AVERAGE(..), MINIMUM(..), MAXIMUM(..); replicate; alter cell format and attributes (eg number of decimal places); cell protection formulae involving conditions (IF(..)); relative reference; absolute reference; fully labeled charting

26 General Credit DATABASE alter record format; field types (numeric, text, graphic, date, time); search on more than one field; sort on more than one field; complex search for information on CD- ROM/WWW(internet) computed field; alter screen input format; alter output format; use of keywords

27 General Credit GRAPHICS alter tool attributes (eg line width); scale graphic; rotate graphic scan and edit graphic; crop graphic

28 General Credit DESK TOP PUBLISHING use wizard or template; enter text; add clip art import graphic; scale graphic change layout; import text; text wrap around graphic

29 General Credit PRESENTATION AND MULTIMEDIA linear linkage of slides or screens; assemble elements of presentation including text and graphics add audio; add video hyperlinks capture audio; capture image

30 General Credit WEB PAGE CREATION use wizard or template; enter text; add graphic add audio; add video; hyperlinks add table; add hotspots

31 General Credit EXPERT SYSTEMS Purpose of Expert Systems Applications of Expert Systems Advantages of Expert Systems


33 General Credit ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION electronic communication; electronic mail; text messaging advantages and disadvantages of electronic mail; netiquette file transfer attachments

34 General Credit LOCAL AREA NETWORKS WIDE AREA NETWORKS sharing data and peripherals; local area network(LAN); wide area network(WAN) transmission media; –LAN cables, wireless – WAN telecommunications links security (passwords, encryption, physical) multi-access; network interface card; client and server network; social, legal and ethical issues

35 General Credit INTERNET World Wide Web; web page, hyperlink; HTML; search engine with simple search; dial-up connection, broadband connection; modem online, offline Internet Service Provider; search engine with complex search; download software freeware, shareware, commercial; mobile Internet technologies; video conferencing


37 General Credit NEED speed; hazardous environment; repetitive tasks efficiency; accuracy adaptability

38 General Credit HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE sensors; feedback robots: –anatomy –motor –programmable –stationary/mobile –tools CAD/CAM

39 General Credit HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE analogue I/O; interface guides magnetic and light; high level instructions; simulation; virtual reality; real-time processing A to D and D to A converters; control language; ROM software; embedded systems; intelligent robots

40 General Credit IMPLICATIONS retraining employment changes in nature of job; increased leisure time industrial automation; safety precautions high initial cost; long term savings; replacement costs design of workplace; modern factory; need for systems analysis

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