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The Elderly Meeting the Health Needs of The Elderly.

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1 The Elderly Meeting the Health Needs of The Elderly

2 Health Needs of the Elderly Eyesight (85 000 people in Scotland aged 65+ have a sight problem,90% of all people aged 75+ have a sight problem.) Hearing (43% of over 75s have hearing problems = 528 000) Mobility (climbing stairs or moving about, 42%of those aged 60-74 and 50% of those aged 75+ have a limiting health problem or a disability)

3 Health Needs Continued Dementia (There are approximately 61 700 people with dementia in Scotland. 92% are aged 65+. By the year 2011 it is estimated that 67 500 people will have dementia.) Hospital (Over 65s occupy nearly 1/2 of NHS hospital beds, 70% of people who stay in hospital after a fall are 65+)

4 Health Needs Continued 63% of people who are ill or frail aged 85+ live in their own homes Over 50% of elderly people have no care needs Of those aged 100+ around 25% have no limiting long-term illness

5 Meeting the Needs Central Government - NHS free NHS prescriptions help with costs of NHS dental treatment free NHS sight tests (everyone 60+) and help with the costs of glasses attendance allowance help with costs of fares to and from hospital for treatment flu jabs and inhalers

6 Meeting the Needs Continued Local Authorities -Social Work Department (home helps, meals on wheels, etc.) -Housing Department (sheltered housing) Voluntary Organisations (care and assistance, campaigns, outings) Private Companies (health insurance, nursing homes, sheltered housing, etc.)

7 Technology Advances in technology can prolong life or increase the quality of life for some elderly. AT HOME Electric chair lifts Bath hoists or lifts Aid call alarm buttons powered vehicles better and more discrete hearing aids

8 Technology Continued IN HOSPITAL Surgery - complicated operations e.g heart bypass and key hole surgery Intensive care - monitoring Hip and joint replacements Advanced body scanners Cataract microsurgery

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