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Advanced Care Technologies (ACT) An R&D and Knowledge Transfer Programme in South Yorkshire, England.

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1 Advanced Care Technologies (ACT) An R&D and Knowledge Transfer Programme in South Yorkshire, England

2 ACT is a joint R&D and knowledge transfer project between SISA (University of Sheffield), Clinical Engineering and Medical Physics (Barnsley Hospital), and nine partner companies and organisations. It is part funded by Objective 1 European Regional Structural Funds. Over two years, ACT will nurture innovative networking partnerships with companies and organisations, to develop new and improved assistive and telecare technologies (ATT) products and systems, and to investigate their most effective applications to the care and support of frail older people. South Yorkshire Advanced Care Technologies Project

3 SUPPORTIVE REHABILITATION /PREVENTATIVE RESPONSIVE PREDICTIVE/ DEDUCTIVE SYSTEMS Activities of daily living (ADL) 'Transfer' monitoring Event monitoring Gradual general decline Fall prediction Room occupancy monitoring ALARM SYSTEMS Respiration monitor Gas monitor Fall detector (In)Activity monitor Cardiotachometer Incontinence monitor Chair occupancy monitor Blood pressure monitor Smoke detector 'Panic' pendant ASSISTIVE & SMART HOME TECHNOLOGIES Pacemaker Smart wheelchair Therapy Units Personal heating systems Video 'doorbell' Stair-lift 'Keyless' entry systems Drug dispenser/ compliance unit Dialysis machine Reminder unit (dementia) REHABILITATION /PREVENTATIVE SUPPORTIVE HOME BASED RESPONSIVE USER Needs Care technologies Source : Brownsell, S. and Bradley, D., Assistive Technology and Telecare: Forging Solutions for Independent Living. Policy Press, Bristol, 2003.

4 Automatic detection of deviations from normal lifestyle pattern Physical activity Nutrition Social contacts Health parameters Washing and hygiene etc Sensors PIR Movement sensors Bed/chair occupancy Door usage Electrical appliance usage Health monitors Environmental sensors Monitoring Centre / Health Organisation Warden / Carer / Family Alert user Lifestyle Monitoring or Lifestyle Reassurance

5 Background factors Ageing of the population, with rises in life expectancy, particularly in old age, are accompanied by approximately proportionate increases in the duration of life with impaired functions (especially mobility limitations and cognition) Rising quality of life expectations – with each cohort – including for participation in family life (relations with grandchildren), home-based activities, travel and community participation Rapid advances in informatics, especially Internet-based applications, telecommunications, and electronic aids in daily living -- mobile phones to satellite-assisted determination of location and route guidance (Sat.Nav) Rising average cost of new medical technologies (especially medication and surgery), and growing expectation for medical and care options to be commodified – transferred from social insurance to private funding... innoculation is free, you buy a mobility scooter

6 South Yorkshire Advanced Care Technologies Project Overall aim: To enable South Yorkshire (SY) companies to benefit from a fast expanding, world market for assistive and telecare technologies (ATT) Objectives: 1 To create and develop new care and support products and delivery systems along with new applications 2 To work with the companies to raise the effectiveness and user acceptability of existing ATT products 3 To provide existing businesses with market intelligence to enter new markets 4 To stimulate increased investment in research and development within the region and its businesses.

7 Partner Organisations Tunstall Group Ltd - the world's leading manufacturer and provider of personal and home reassurance telecare solutions and response centre systems Toby Churchill Ltd - leading manufacturer of portable communication and environmental control aids for people of all ages with speech and physical disability Madhouse Software Productions Ltd - develops and retails software for applications that assist the severely physically disabled and elderly people Clark and Partners Ltd – runs Mobility and Age Care Centres as a retailer and servicing company Sheffcare Ltd and Humberside Independent Care Association Ltd - residential care providers BASE (British Association for Service to the Elderly), Age Concern (Yorkshire) and Help the Aged (Northern England) - organisations that advocate for and support local initiatives to improve care and support of older people

8 Assistive products for people with disabilities The Living in Britain survey showed that 8 per cent of the 42 million adults aged 16+ years reported some form of mobility problem. This proportion rises rapidly for people aged over 65 years, and for men and women aged 85 and over reaches 50 and 65 per cent. One-half of all mobility aids were purchased privately. Office of Fair Trading, May 2004, p. 5, Type of aidPer centUK estimate (000s)N Walking stick693,306.1,251 Crutches8373.136 Walking frame/tripod/zimmer8385.144 Trolley290.32 Manual wheelchair9441.163 Electric wheelchair298.37 Buggy/scooter2115.42 Total in use4,807.1,805 TABLE B.1 – NUMBER OF MOBILITY AIDS IN USE IN UK 2001

9 Yorkshire Forward, the UK governments regional development agency, has recently identified the Healthcare Technologies Cluster as a priority area for investment. It recognises the diverse range of activity in a number of key healthcare technology sectors in the region. These include broad-ranging R&D, manufacturing and related supporting activity across: The medical devices industry, including o Surgical instruments o Implantable devices o Medical and assistive equipment o Medical consumables o Prosthetics and orthotics The pharmaceutical industry (including biopharma) Nutraceuticals and functional foods

10 Source: Healthcare Technology Industries: Mapping Study. Final Report, Regeneris Consulting, Altrincham, Greater Manchester, for Yorkshire Forward, Leeds, August 2006.

11 South Yorkshire Medical Devices Employment in Yorkshire and Humberside, UK Source: Healthcare Technology Industries: Mapping Study. Final Report, Regeneris Consulting, for Yorkshire Forward, August 2006.

12 South Yorkshire Advanced Care Technologies Project Implementation R&D projects agreed with partners, from basic systems, through product development to user acceptability (market research) High profile knowledge transfer and marketing events Knowledge transfer through website and South Yorkshire ATT forum Creation of strategic networking alliances Post-project commercialisation and continuation

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