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Discovering the 16 Career Clusters on KUDER/NAVIGATOR.

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1 Discovering the 16 Career Clusters on KUDER/NAVIGATOR

2 In 15 seconds, list as many jobs as you can think of……..GO!

3 The jobs we think of are ONLY the tip of an ICEBERG!

4 There are 16 Career Clusters. Each cluster is made up of a number of occupations and post secondary majors related to the speciality of that cluster. When you take assessments on the KUDER/NAVIGATOR, the results will be linked to the 16 career clusters.

5 Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Architecture and Construction Arts, AV Technology and Communications Business Management and Administration

6 Government and Public Administration Health Science Finance Education & Training

7 Human Services Information and Technology Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security Hospitality & Tourism

8 Manufacturing Marketing Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

9 1.Log on to KUDER/NAVIGATOR 2.Click on EXPLORE OCCUPATIONS 3.Click on By Clusters and Pathways 4.Read, Watch Videos, Explore 5.STAR Clusters that interest you!

10 Detective Coach Pilot

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