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Researching Careers Career Choices

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1 Researching Careers Career Choices
Chapter 3 Researching Careers Lesson 3.1 Career Choices

2 Which career clusters, or groups of related careers, interest you
Discover Which career clusters, or groups of related careers, interest you continued

3 Discover Career interest areas, or kinds of activities, that can direct you toward specific careers

4 Why It’s Important By looking at career clusters and career activities, you’ll get an idea of the kinds of careers you might enjoy. Exploring all kinds of career possibilities now will help you make career choices later.

5 Key Terms career clusters career interest areas

6 Career Choices There are more than 28,000 different careers to choose from. Do you know what you want to do for a living?

7 Career Clusters The U.S. Department of Education has organized 16 career clusters. Career clusters are groups of similar occupations and industries.

8 Graphic Organizer 16 Career Clusters Architecture and Construction
Education and Training Human Services Manufacturing Arts, Audio/ Video Technology, and Communication Finance Hospitality and Tourism Marketing, Sales, and Service Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Government and Public Administration Information Technology Science,Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Business, Management, and Administration Health Science Law, Public Safety, and Security Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

9 Career Interest Areas Career interest areas are another way to discover different kinds of careers. Career interest areas are general kinds of activities people do in many different careers.

10 Graphic Organizer Career Interest Areas Creators are…
Creative thinkers Investigators are… Logical thinkers Organizers… Love working with information or numbers Influencers are… Likely to be out in front, in charge, and leading others Doers… Always seem busy Helpers… Tend to think of others before themselves

11 Critical Thinking Review
Why are social workers and hairdressers part of the same career cluster, human services? Because both jobs share a common goal, helping make people’s lives easier and more comfortable. Critical Thinking Q A continued

12 Critical Thinking Review
Which career interest area do you think would be most common for doctors? Doctors can be categorized as investigators, because their work involves scientific processes. Doctors are also considered helpers, because they help people. Critical Thinking Q A

13 Researching Careers Career Choices
End of Chapter 3 Researching Careers Lesson 3.1 Career Choices

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