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Career Awareness and Preparation

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1 Career Awareness and Preparation
Grade 9 Career and college readiness unit-lesson 2 Essential Question: How do your interests and personality relate to your career goals? Directions: 1.) Please get a computer from the lap top cart or sit at a computer in the room, Log on. 2.) Please start working on the mbti personality test that was given to you on your way in. 3.) be prepared with a pencil/pen and paper.

2 Before embarking on your postsecondary goals, it is important to complete some self-exploration.
Self Exploration helps to: Increase awareness about your current skills, talent and aptitudes. Relating your skills, interest, talent sand aptitudes to career choices. Making a connection between both and beginning to develop a plan. Discover post secondary schools and careers that compliment your strengths, interests and abilities. Self Exploration 1.) Please complete the MBTI Personality Type test. 2.) Compare your result code type with the Career Key map on what Career Cluster might fit you.

3 CAREER CLUSTERS Pennsylvania maintains and support programs of study across 15 of the 16 Career Clusters, including: Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Career Clusters Architecture & Construction Career Clusters Arts, A/V Technology & Communications Career Clusters Business Management & Administration Career Clusters Education & Training Career Clusters Finance Career Clusters Health Science Career Clusters Hospitality & Tourism Career Clusters Human Services Career Clusters Information Technology Career Clusters Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security Career Clusters Manufacturing Career Clusters Marketing Career Clusters Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Career Clusters Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Career Clusters

4 Part II CAREER PLANNING *Log on to
Click on “Learn About Careers” and then on the “16 Career Clusters” tab. Click on your career cluster (the one you circled). Begin to search for careers within that cluster. Choose 1 career to begin your essay. CAREER PLANNING *To access Career Cruising Username: Tulpehock Password: Careers

5 Why do I need these classes?

6 Career Path Concept Map
What are my required courses? Do I need a language? BCTC? Other requirements? What are my interests? Highschool What is my major? Internship? Classes? Finances? Sports? 4 year college/Tech school/Work force Find job in my field Set goals for future success in my career. What more will I want to do in my career? Community involvement After Graduation Do I need more education to reach my goals and what does that look like? Graduate School/Continuing Education Career Path Concept Map Make a rough draft of a potential career plan from the information you have gathered. Look at: MBTI personality test Career cluster you chose 1 Career choice from the career cluster to map out.

Paragraph 1-Introduction (Thesis Statement) Explain why you chose this career. You may begin your paragraph with, “The career field I would like to pursue after graduating high school/ college is…Describe the job (what do they do?) Paragraph 2- Describe the working conditions, salary, and educational requirements. Paragraph 3-Describe personal characteristics/ abilities needed for the career and the occupational outlook (job openings?) Describe which level you are most likely to follow. Why? Paragraph 4-Conclusion : Explain why you are suited or not suited for this career. Discuss at least two other career options you might explore if this choice doesn’t work out for you or if you change your mind. Describe your long term career goal and why you chose to pursue this goal( e.g., My career goal is to become a stone mason. My grandfather and father were both stone masons; I would like to follow in their footsteps and eventually own my own business). What you have done to date that has helped you learn more about this field . (job shadow, volunteer work, summer job) Why you feel you will be successful in this career field. Please note: Your written response will be evaluated on evidence of career planning, preparation, and interest.

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