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1 NMA LeaderLab STARTUP SAGA FOCUS ON THE BIG PICTURE DEFINE THE KEY GOALS SPECIFY THE EXPECTATIONS Figure out how to guide a new venture by developing.

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1 1 NMA LeaderLab STARTUP SAGA FOCUS ON THE BIG PICTURE DEFINE THE KEY GOALS SPECIFY THE EXPECTATIONS Figure out how to guide a new venture by developing an appropriate vision, mission and value set to ensure success… Take charge of the situation! Copyright © 2006, by National Management Association, Dayton, OH NMA… THE Leadership Development Organization 2210 Arbor Blvd. Dayton, OH 45349 937-294-0421 Web Site: LeaderLab CEU Code 05004LL.1 CEU LEAD THE WAY TO EFFECTIVE OPERATIONS…

2 2 NMA LeaderLab Scenario Your leadership team has been given the job of organizing a new joint venture by Boeing and Lockheed which will merge all Delta and Atlas launch vehicle activities into a single United Launch Alliance (ULA) that will support all future U.S. government launch requirements. This merger will significantly increase ULA efficiency and lower launch-vehicle costs by combining engineering staff from both companies and consolidating all launch-vehicle manufacturing in a single facility to enable lower production costs and more effective development engineering with major attendant cost savings to the customer in the limited government launch market. However, implementation of the merger requires relocation of over 2,000 Boeing and Lockheed employees to new locations (Denver, CO for engineering and Decatur, AL for manufacturing), so the morale of the impacted employees is low…. Your job as the ULA leadership team is to come up with a compelling VISION, a rallying MISSION and effective VALUES for the new company. The VISION here should be a one-sentence statement which best reflects how you want ULA to be viewed by its customers and employees. The MISSION should be a statement of what approach ULA should pursue to optimize its chances of success and customer acceptance; and the VALUES should consist of a framework and ten characteristics which describe the expected behavior of ULA employees in pursuing this approach. You have 20 minutes to come up with your answers…. Before beginning, you must unanimously select a LEADER and OBSERVER. The leader will facilitate the teams discussion, will ensure that all three areas (VISION, MISSION and VALUES) are addressed in the allocated time, and will report on the teams results. The OBSERVER will take notes on and be prepared to briefly report on the teams process in coming up with its answers. It is important that your team come up with answers for each of the three areas, so you should limit your discussion on each area accordingly to fit all three into the 20 minute time allocation…. Each team LEADER will be allocated 3 minutes to brief the teams VISION, MISSION and VALUES; and each observer will be allocated 2 minutes to summarize the associated teams process. There will be a hard cutoff at the end of 5 minutes. The facilitator will take the last 5 minutes to comment on each teams end process and to cover the actual VISION, MISSION and VALUES developed by ULA. Theme LL #4STARTUP SAGAMinding the Mission S cenario: C hallenge: O perations: R eports: E valuation: NMA…THE Leadership Development Organization, Dayton, Ohio

3 3 NMA LeaderLab Prizes TBD NMA…THE Leadership Development Organization, Dayton, Ohio

4 4 NMA LeaderLab Lessons ULA VISION One Team Launching the Quest for Knowledge, Peace and Freedom ULA MISSION ULA provides the best expendable launch systems and services to assure access to space for our customers. Together, we protect our nation, explore the universe and enable the commerce of space. We are a values-based team and, building on our heritage, are committed to mission success, continuous improvement and stakeholder satisfaction. ULA VALUES We achieve Mission Success, Performance Excellence, Business Excellence and Employee Involvement through an unwavering commitment to our values. Ethical behavior, our fundamental principle, guides the rest of our values: Leadership, Customer Focus, Teamwork, Our People, Diversity and Inclusion, Quality, Innovation, Continuous Improvement and Corporate Citizenship. Things to consider in your work environment! NMA…THE Leadership Development Organization, Dayton, Ohio

5 5 NMA LeaderLab ULA Vision, Mission and Values NMA…THE Leadership Development Organization, Dayton, Ohio

6 6 NMA LeaderLab Facilitator Hints Organize the participants into up to five groups of 4 or more participants each, and ask the local facilitators to distribute hard copies of the first three pages of the LeaderLab material. Go over the cover page and scenario, and briefly cover the prizes if used. Make sure each team elects a LEADER and OBSERVER before the start of their discussion, and give them a heads-up on time-remaining every five minutes. At the end of 20 minutes, have each team report on their results and process (5 minutes maximum per team). Use the table below to grade their reports (Y or N on VISION, MISSION and VALUES) and make any associated notes. After all teams have given their reports, ask the local facilitators to pass out the rest of the LeaderLab material (pages 4 and 5 plus the Evaluation Form). Go over the actual ULA VISION, MISSION and VALUES (pages 4-5), then comment briefly on the corresponding inputs developed by each team. Focus on completeness and consistency of their inputs, and on their process and presentation approach. At the end of the session, congratulate all teams on their originality and thank them for their participation. Hopefully, theyve learned some leadership lessons from this exercise and the associated team interaction. Conclude by asking all team members to fill out their Evaluation Forms and to hand the completed forms to the local facilitator as they leave. NMA…THE Leadership Development Organization, Dayton, Ohio

7 7 LeaderLab Evaluation Form PLEASE CHECK THE APPROPRIATE BOX ExcellentGoodFairPoor 1.The overall LeaderLab program 2.Appropriate use of the materials that made learning easy and enjoyable 3.Opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas with others 4.Length of LeaderLab relative to its objectives and meeting your needs 5.Applicability to your responsibilities, needs, and roles at home, work, and elsewhere 6.What is the most important thing you learned during the LeaderLab? 7.Which part of the LeaderLab was of MOST VALUE to you? Why? 8.Which part of the LeaderLab was of LEAST VALUE to you? Why? 9.What suggestions for improvement do you have for future LeaderLabs? Check one Your comments and suggestions are very important to us. Please take a few moments to reflect on your experiences at the LeaderLab. Your input will help us to continue to provide professional quality services and maximize learning during the future LeaderLabs. YesNo Did the facilitator(s)… Keep the sessions moving and interesting? Speak at a level that could be easily heard and understood by everyone? Keep the discussions constructive, crisp, and well controlled? Practice good facilitation skills? NMA…THE Leadership Development Organization, Dayton, Ohio

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