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CDC EHDI RESOURCES for States. CDC EHDI Website CDC EHDI Website Purpose: To provide up-to-date.

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2 CDC EHDI Website CDC EHDI Website Purpose: To provide up-to-date information about EHDI- related topics, issues, and research to parents, professionals, and other interested parties. Outline: World of EHDI Professionals and Parents Research, Findings, and State Data What CDC EHDI Does


4 States Awarded 2001 CDC Funding

5 CDC EHDI WebBoard Purpose: To facilitate the sharing of documents, announcements, and other relevant information between the CDC EHDI Program and its state grantees. CDC Announcements Family Issues Committee Using the WebBoard Special Topic Calls Conference Call Schedules General Information & Articles Executive Committee Meeting Transcripts Data Items Committee Cooperative Agreements

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9 Joining the WebBoard Each state is welcome to have a representative on the CDC EHDI WebBoard. If your state is currently not a member and is interested in being represented please contact: Marcus Gaffney at or (770)

10 EHDI Listserv & Contact List EHDI Listserv & Contact List General Listserv: An e-mail list used to send EHDI information to representatives in states & territories with a CDC Cooperative Agreement. EHDI Contact List: A directory of EHDI personnel at the CDC and in the states with cooperative agreements. Outline: Name Phone Number Organization Fax Number Mailing Address E-Mail Address

11 DSHPSHWA Data Purpose: To give a perspective about the status of hearing screening and intervention efforts among states and territories. Items asked: # Infants screened # Infants referred for evaluation # Infants identified with a hearing loss # Infants enrolled in intervention # Birthing hospitals and UNHS hospitals Type and severity of identified cases of hearing loss Legislation status

12 2000 DSHPSHWA Form

13 CDC EHDI Ad-Hoc Teleconferences Purpose: To serve as a forum in which people involved with newborn hearing screening and/or intervention can present, discuss, and share thoughts about EHDI issues, ideas, and activities with others. Past topics have included: Data Integration, Family Issues, Cochlear Implants

14 AD-HOC Transcripts on the EHDI website

15 Summary of State EHDI Family Resources Purpose: To serve as a reference guide of information detailing each states materials for families of children who are screened, referred for diagnostic evaluation, and/or identified with a hearing loss.

16 State EHDI Family Resources Details state family resources concerning: Structures of the ear Definitions & causes of hearing loss Impact of hearing loss on language and speech Communication approaches & assistive technologies Parenting a child with a hearing loss Local & national resources Availability in languages other than English or

17 State EHDI Websites and Protocol Links Purpose: To provide information about which states have an EHDI website and/or links to information about state protocols for screening, assessment, etc… Categories: Website Early Intervention Screening Medical Assessment Family Resources Amplification Genetics

18 EHDI Guidance Manual Purpose: A guide for state health departments that are starting a new EHDI program or already have an EHDI program. It is intended to: 1)Help plan and evaluate EHDI programs. 2)Provide recommendations about uniform data collection and reports for monitoring EHDI program objectives.

19 EHDI Guidance Manual Section 1: Planning & Evaluation Chapter 1 – Approach to Planning & Evaluation Chapter 2 – Vision,Goals, & Performance Indicators Chapter 3 – State EHDI Annual Report Section 2: Data for Tracking & Evaluation Chapter 4 – Database & Information Systems Chapter 5 – Tracking Infants & Children for EHDI Screening & Referral

20 EHDI Guidance Manual Section 2: Data for Tracking & Evaluation (Cont.) Chapter 6 – Tracking Infants & Children for EHDI Diagnostic Evaluation & Referral Chapter 7 – Tracking Infants & Children for Intervention Services Chapter 8 – Registry of Infants & Children with Hearing Loss Chapter 9 – Privacy & Confidentiality of Data

21 EHDI Guidance Manual Section 3: Integration with Child Health Systems Chapter 10 – Links Between EHDI & Other State Health Departments Chapter 11 – Operating EHDI Screening, Referral, & Audiologic Services as Part of an Integrated Children Services Program Chapter 12 – Integration of Prevention & Medical Services for Infants Chapter 13 – Medical Home for Children Chapter 14 – EHDI Websites

22 State Profile Purpose: The state profile is a repository of information available to state health departments, other government agencies, and those interested in learning more about EHDI programming.

23 State Profile Chapters: 1.State Program Information 2.State Legislation 3.State Program Description 4.State Program Funding 5.Screener Training 6.Hospital-Based Newborn Hearing Screening Programs 7.Hospital Newborn Hearing Screening: Data Reporting 8.Outpatient Re-Screening & Diagnostic Evaluation 9.Outpatient Re-Screening & Diagnostic Evaluation: Data Reporting

24 State Profile Chapters (Cont.): 10.State EHDI Screening Database 11.Early Intervention Services 12.Early Intervention: Data Reporting 13.Hearing Loss Registry 14.Reimbursement/Payment Policies 15.Medical Home 16.Coordinating EHDI Infant Tracking with Other States 17.Coordination with Other State EHDI Programs 18.Healthcare Promotional Items 19.Family Issues

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