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FRBR : A Review Joy Kim University of Southern California.

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1 FRBR : A Review Joy Kim University of Southern California

2 What is FRBR? F unctional R equirements for B ibliographic R ecords A Conceptual model for a new approach to organizing recorded knowledge

3 Why Change? Bibliographic Universe much more diverse and complex than before Information technology offers better ways to manage records (no longer the limitations of the Card Catalog) Shared cataloging environment calls for common shared understanding Increased user expectations

4 Who Wrote FRBR? IFLA Study Group on FRBR (of IFLA Section on Cataloging) Six-Year Study Completed in 1997 & published in 1998 gfrbr/wgfrbr.htm

5 Why Discuss FRBR Now ? An important major topic embraced by the international bibliographic community Impacts all of us (slowly but surely!)ISBD, RDA, MARC, etc. The records we create now have lasting consequences CEAL never discussed it as a group

6 FRBR in a Nutshell Entity-Relationship Model Entities: Group 1, 2, 3 Relationships Attributes User Tasks Find Identify Select Obtain Navigate National Level Record Elements (mandatory & optional data)

7 Objects of Interest ( Entities ) to Catalog Users Work (an intellectual/artistic creation) Expression (the realization of a work) Manifestations (the physical embodiment of an expression of a work) Items (a single exemplar of a manifestation)

8 Example w 1. Miura Ayakos Hyo ̄ ten.. e 1. Chinese translation e 2. Korean translation m 1. the book published by m 2. the book published by i 1. copy autographed by the author

9 Relationships: Structural relationships Responsibility relationships Subject relationships Whole/Part relationships

10 FRBRizing: Application of FRBR Concepts Implementation Examples AustLit Gateway Virtua OCLCs Fiction Finder and Worldcat Similar Versions RLGs RedLightGreen LCs FRBR Display Tool BIBSYS FRBR project

11 OCLC Fiction Finder A prototype system developed for 2.5+ million bibliographic records for fiction that have been clustered at the work levelprototype system

12 Fiction Finder WorksExpressions


14 Manifestations (could be Expressions)

15 Worldcat Similar Versions Trial Expressions Work



18 Types of Works in Worldcat by Ed. ONeill, FRBR Workshop, May 2005 78% of works have only a Single Manifestation 16% of works have only a Single Expression but Multiple Manifestations 6% of works have Multiple Expressions Revisions (53%) Translations (26%) Aggregates or Collected Works (9%) Augmentations (2%)

19 Ed ONeills 2002 Study on FRBRizing Humphry Clinker Aggregating Works, Manifestations, Items improves bibliographic organization and navigation Expressions are much harder to identify due to lack of information or detail in bibliographic records

20 Implications for Catalogers Consistent cataloging practice Accuracy of data Added entries & details, such as Bibliography/Bibliographic note Chronological table Glossary Illustrations/List of illustrations Introduction/Foreword Maps Notes Publishers note Table of contents Reproduction of original title page Reviews Analytics Uniform titles Authority Work

21 Other Related IFLA Studies Functional Requirements of Authority Numbering and Records (FRANAR) Functional Requirements for Subject Authority Records (FRSAR)

22 For More Information IFLA Division of Bibliographic Control LC MARC and FRBR functional-analysis/ OCLC FRBR Projects projects/frbr/

23 Thank You! Questions or Comments? Contact: Joy Kim 213-740-2329

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