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RDA : the Inside Story The Genesis OLA, February 2, 2008 Ingrid Parent Library and Archives Canada.

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1 RDA : the Inside Story The Genesis OLA, February 2, 2008 Ingrid Parent Library and Archives Canada

2 Overview Why a new standard? RDA principles and goals Who develops and supports RDA? Timeline

3 From Panizzis rules to AACR2 1841: Panizzis rules for the British Museum 1876: Cutters rules 1902-1949: Separate U.S. and U.K. rules 1961: Lubetsky, IFLA and Paris Principles 1967: AACR, North American/UK differences 1969: IFLA and International Standard Bibliographic Description 1978: AACR2

4 AACR2 1978 1988 1998 2002

5 1997 International Conference on the Principles & Future Development of AACR, Toronto Worldwide experts identified issues: Principles Content vs. carrier Logical structure of AACR2 Seriality Internationalization

6 FRBR Published by IFLA in 1998 Reinforces basic objectives of catalogues and importance of relationships for users to carry out basic tasks – find, identify, select, obtain Structure allows collocation at Work/Expression level Conceptual model of entities, relationships and attributes [FRBR: Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records]

7 IME ICC IFLA updates and reaffirms Paris Principles, 2003-2007 series of regional meetings - IFLA Meeting of Experts on an International Cataloguing Code increase the ability to share cataloguing worldwide by promoting standards develop Statement of International Cataloguing Principles

8 New standard: why? Align with conceptual models (FRBR, FRAD) to build well-formed metadata Encourage application of FRBR/FRAD Encourage use as a content standard for metadata schema Encourage international applicability Address current problems Provide more consistency Principle-based To guide cataloguers judgment [FRAD: Functional Requirements for Authority Data 2ndReview.pdf]

9 New Cataloguing Environment Need to provide access to a wider range of information carriers: wider depth & complexity of content Metadata (bibliographic information) created by a wider range of personnel in and outside libraries (authors, administrators, cataloguers, computers, publishers, etc.) Descriptive data in digital form (ONIX, etc.)

10 RDA Objectives and Principles Objectives Responsiveness to user needs Cost efficiency Flexibility Continuity Principles Based on IME ICC draft statement of principles: Differentiation, Sufficiency, Relationships, etc. Draft IME ICC statement: draft3_apr06cleancopy.pdf

11 Strategic Plan Goals for RDA A new standard for resource description and access Designed for the digital environment Description and access of all digital and analog resources Resulting descriptions usable in digital environment (Web-based catalogues and resource discovery services) Web-based tool paper also available

12 RDA will be … A multinational content standard providing bibliographic description and access for the variety of media and formats collected by libraries today Designed to be used in all language communities Intend to remove English-bias

13 MARC 21 Replacement of GMD Other changes to accommodate new elements MARBI discussion paper – January 2008 MARBI proposals – June 2008

14 RDA and DC (Dublin Core) Data Modeling Meeting - London 2007 development of an RDA Element Vocabulary development of an RDA Dublin Core Application Profile based on FRBR and FRAD identification of RDA Value Vocabularies for Semantic Web

15 Whos developing and supporting RDA? Committee of Principals AACR Fund Trustees/ Co-Publishers Joint Steering Committee... ALA CC:DA ACOCBLCCCCILIPLC

16 The supporting cast JSC constituencies Canada – Canadian Committee on Cataloguing Working Groups – Examples, Appendices, etc. Outreach Group Other communities (e.g., DC, MARC) Other rule making bodies

17 RDA timeline Dec. 07-Mar. 2008: Review of access point control chapters July-Sept. 2008:Review of complete draft of RDA Dec. 2008: RDA text finalised early 2009: Release of RDA late 2009: Implementation

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