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John Espley and Robert Pillow ALA New Orleans 26 June 2011 The RDA Sandbox and RDA Implementation Scenario One.

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1 John Espley and Robert Pillow ALA New Orleans 26 June 2011 The RDA Sandbox and RDA Implementation Scenario One

2 Overview 1.The RDA Sandbox 2.RDA Implementation Scenarios 3.RDA Workflow 4.Simpler RDA Cataloging 5.VTLS RDA/FRBR Extensions 6.Cataloging Assistance 7.RDA/FRBR SaaS

3 The RDA Sandbox A place to test/practice/play with RDA Implementation Scenario One Full Cataloging capability Original cataloging Copy cataloging FRBRizing of MARC records Authority control Item records Serials control

4 The RDA Sandbox Access to a RDA/FRBR database and a Virtua client Approximately 500,000 FRBRized records Specialized documentation Started mid-September 2010 Scheduled to end January 31, 2012? No earlier than 2013? 57 users (June 20, 2011) Added 1,261 records Modified 1,380 records

5 The RDA Sandbox Comments from users … we found the structure of records in the RDA Sandbox innovative as regards search and display … … used it when teaching classes …. The students were rather fascinated to be able to see the full WEMI structure in the database. …it helped them [the staff] to understand more about RDA and FRBR. In my opinion the best thing about the Sandbox is its clarity. It makes it easy to explain the model. In a sense it has solved the problem with FRBR in MARC environment.

6 RDA Implementation Scenarios Implementation scenarios Number 3 – Flat file data structure Number 2 – Linked bibliographic and authority records Number 1 – Relational/Object oriented data structure The system of the future!




10 RDA Workflow Implementation Scenario 1 the future Create Work Add Expression Add Manifestation Add Item/Holdings Later, when additional Manifestations are acquired Add Expression, if needed Add Manifestation

11 Metadata and RDA MARC Dead? Dublin Core MODS XML RDA Vocabularies Many others Metadata Management System Bibliographic Framework Transition Initiative

12 RDA Work Record Preferred title Form of work Date of work Authorized access point associated with work Primary Secondary Notes Subjects Concept, Object, Event, Place

13 RDA Expression Record Content type Language of Expression Date of Expression Other distinguishing characteristics Notes Authorized access point associated with Expression

14 RDA Manifestation Record Title proper Statement of responsibility Edition statement Publication statement Place, publisher, date Series statement Notes Media type Carrier type Extent

15 RDA Work template

16 RDA Work record

17 Display Work record

18 1.10 RDA Expression Template

19 Display RDA Work and Expression

20 Add RDA Manifestation

21 RDA Manifestation Template

22 RDA Manifestation record

23 Work, Expression, Manifestation

24 Simpler RDA Cataloging When additional Manifestations are acquired Add Expression, if needed Different language Different performance Different content type Text, Spoken word, Performed music, etc. Different text Add Manifestation

25 Adding a new RDA Manifestation

26 A new RDA Manifestation

27 Two RDA Manifestations

28 The other RDA Manifestation

29 A new RDA Expression

30 New RDA Expression


32 Add French RDA Manifestation

33 French RDA Manifestation

34 Two RDA Expressions

35 Display of Selected RDA Work

36 Expanding the Display

37 Further expanding the display

38 VTLS RDA/FRBR Extensions Related Works Super Works Derivative Works Reverse trees for better navigation Aggregates

39 Related Works A motion picture based on a novel is a new work A new play derived from a work Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard Need to relate the new work to the original work Super Work or Derivative Work technique Super Work means all related Works are equal Derivative Work means related Works are subordinate to original Work

40 Derivative Work Technique

41 Super Work technique

42 Normal and Reverse Trees

43 Normal Tree

44 Reverse Tree



47 Normal Tree


49 RDA Cataloging Assistance Cataloging assistance Templates for original cataloging RDA Toolkit Macros MARC content designation validation Authority record templates

50 FRBR SaaS was specifically targeted to non-Virtua libraries. RDA/FRBR SaaS

51 Consists of four basic elements: * Your librarys own web-OPAC, providing access to... * Your librarys ILS database; plus... FRBR SaaS

52 …four basic elements: * A VTLS hosted database containing your librarys FRBRized records, and... * A VTLS hosted web- OPAC, branded to match your standard OPAC, and used to provide access to the hosted FRBR database.

53 Easy to implement… Hotlinks created through web services technology provide seamless navigation from your librarys catalog to the corresponding VTLS hosted FRBR SaaS catalog, and back again.

54 Your original database remains unaltered. In fact, your cataloging workflows need not be changed as updates to the FRBR SaaS database can be scheduled to run automatically. Easy to implement…

55 Easy to use… Best of all, the end user doesnt have to know anything about FRBR. The interface provides an instantly recognizable, global picture of the variety of forms a given work may take. All relationships between entities are clearly illustrated with an intuitive tree structure. No bibliographic instruction required!

56 Easy to use… Your patrons will seamlessly navigate from the existing ILS and the FRBR SaaS database, and back again as needed.

57 Questions? Thank you!

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